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Fake Food? 3 Surprising Facts about Japanese Plastic Food Samples

Nov 19, 2020

Real or fake? Have you ever seen the plastic food samples on display outside of restaurants in Japan... Read More...


Takeout/Delivery Pizza in Japan: What is It Like?

Jun 22, 2019

  Takeout/Delivery Pizza in Japan When you first think of popular foods in Japan, it’s li... Read More...


6 Must Try Eats of Nagoya – Local Specialities

Jun 5, 2019

  Do You know the Favorite Local Specialities of Nagoya? If not, you’re not alone! Japan’... Read More...

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The Kissaten: 5 Tips for Trying Out Japan’s Retro Cafe Scene

Mar 21, 2019

  If you’ve been in Japan for any length of time, you’ve probably seen them. Well-worn e... Read More...


2019 Sakura Themed Fast Foods in Japan

Mar 13, 2019

The Sakura flower is a much-beloved flower of the Japanese people. Sakura or Cherry Blossom in the E... Read More...

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10 Best dining finds in Tokyo when on a budget

10 Best Dining Finds in Tokyo When on a Budget

Jun 7, 2017

Experience Tokyo’s best restaurants and shops even on a budget Lifestyle, including that of dinin... Read More...

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Japanese Foods You Might Not Have Tried Before But You Should

Japanese Foods You Might Not Have Tried Before But You Should

Sep 4, 2016

Japanese Foods You Might Not Have Tried Before But You Should! Japan is full of many wondrous and... Read More...

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Umeboshi: Japanese Healthy Food

Aug 22, 2016

Have you ever heard a Japanese food Umeboshi or tasted them? Umeboshi means pickled plums in Engl... Read More...

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