Visiting a Japanese Home: Useful Terms and How to Behave

Dec 14, 2018

  1. Have you visited a Japanese family before?   If you’re living in Japan it is nat... Read More...

Food, Culture

Holding Dishes while Eating? Is it considered as a bad manner in Japan?

Nov 18, 2017

If you’re a foreigner who lives in Japan or have been to Japan as a tourist, have you ever seen the ... Read More...

Manners, Culture
Do’s and Don’ts of using Chopsticks (Japanese Manners)

Japanese Manners: Dos and Don’ts of using Chopsticks

Jun 30, 2017

Japanese Manners: Dos and Don'ts When Using Chopsticks Chopsticks or Ohashi in Japanese are use... Read More...


The Mechanics of Eating Out in Japan – All The Little Things You Should Know

May 30, 2017

It’s well known that eating out in most parts of Japan is very convenient and accessible, even if yo... Read More...

Manners, Education, Culture

Learn Japanese Chopsticks Taboos

Jul 31, 2016

Since Japanese food is very popular all over the world, many people can use chopsticks. But do you... Read More...

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