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Minimum Wage in Japan, Find Out Before You Start a Part-Time Job in Japan

Aug 3, 2020

Do you have a part-time job? Are you aware of the minimum wage in Japan? Actually, it is getting ... Read More...

Business Environment

[Free] Consult about Your Problems at Work & Japan Labor Laws at the Tokyo Employment Consultation Center (TECC)

Aug 3, 2020   PR  

Did you know you can go to the Tokyo Employment Consultation Center and talk with a consultant about... Read More...


The Complete Guide on Teaching English in Japan

Apr 22, 2020

Teaching English in Japan is an exciting opportunity and a popular way to start work in Japan. This ... Read More...

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Freeters. Are Furita Becoming a Problem in Japan?

Dec 5, 2019

Are Furita a Problem in Japan. What Does “Freeter” Mean? Freeters or Furita (フリーター) is a term u... Read More...

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Top 14 Things You Should Know About an Enkai (Japanese Office Party)

Jun 7, 2019

So you’re living in Japan, and have settled into your working life and now have been invited to the ... Read More...

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How to Get Your Visa Even If You’ve Been Deported!

Mar 11, 2019

  Getting deported is undoubtedly a scary experience. Your livelihood and everything that yo... Read More...

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Working in Corporate Japan: Foreigners

Feb 7, 2019

  When you think about working in Japan what comes to mind? Some of you might already have a... Read More...

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[Premium] The Foreign Experience at a Fast Food Restaurant in Japan

Apr 12, 2019

My experience as a part-timer in a fast food restaurant was a roller coaster ride. First, let’s go b... Read More...

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Jul 11, 2018

Do you LIVE IN JAPAN with a working-holiday visa? Are you searching for an open FULL-TIME/PART-TIM... Read More...

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5 tips to understand the working surroundings in Japan

Nov 19, 2017

Some of you may have come to Japan in order to work here, regardless if you wanted to or not. In any... Read More...

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Regular Procedures for Foreigners Entering Japan [Part.2]

Regular Procedures for Foreigners Entering Japan [Part.2]

Jul 24, 2016

Regular Procedures for Foreigners Entering Japan [Part 2] [Reference: Read More...

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