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Day Trip for Skiing & Snowboarding from Tokyo

By Guidable Writers Jan 9, 2016

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Japan is precious place with literary 4 seasons ; Spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Besides, the distance from the top of mountain and estuary is very short in comparison of other places in the world. If you have 3hours, you will definitely be able to reach to the foot of mountain.




Hike to enjoy view of verdure in spring,

BBQ in summer,

Tinted autumn leaves in autumn,

And in winter, people enjoy winter sports on the mountain!





This article will introduce you how to go to DAYTRIP winter sports spot essily, especially people who live in Kanto region.




GALA Yuzawa Show Resort (GALA)






GALA is located in the Nigata prefecture.



(Google map)

It looks quite far, so long time transferring is expected ? Like maybe 3hours? At least.

However, you can go GALA only about or less than100 minutes from Tokyo station by bullet train. The quickest time is 77minutes.


You should get off from bullet train at GALA Yuzawa station.

Besides, slope is located right beside the station, every gear you need for skiing and snowboarding can be borrowed from reception which you can find in the station. Life you can go up to the upper stage of the hill is 1minutes walk from exit of station, beside the dressing room.


From entrance of Tokyo station to the hill, you will be always under the roof!


GALA湯沢駅 構内 

  (GALA Yuzawa station : wikipedia)

And if you wish not to sleep over night there, you can go home any time you want. Therefore, station and ski slope is crowed with many ski and snowboarding players.



Now thinking of cost for winter sports day trip to GALA transported by bullet rain is,

What to borrow


・Snow wear


・Hand gloves

・Knitted hap


(You can choose size)

Altogether, it will be 7,520 yen.





Bullet train ticket Tokyo-GALA as return ticket is about 12,000 yen.



(Joetsu Shinkansen : East Japan Railway Company)

The costs which are necessary

・1000 yen for locker to contain the clothes that you put on in while the transportation

GALA ロッカー


・1500 yen for lunch , restaurant is up on the mountain ; it is quite expensive

GALA湯沢 レストラン


・Preferably, you can go for Onsen ( Spa ) after the skiing & snowboarding ; 1300 yen





As sum of the cost, 22,500 yen is what you need for day trip for winter sports.

If you have one of the gear introduced as item you need to borrow, it’s less than 22,500 yen.




You can make reservation from website below.

However, this website will provide you only bullet rain ticket, locker ticket and discount service for school; doesn’t include rental ticket for ski & snowboarding gears and boards.

You need to go through the procedure to borrow those at the reception in the GALA Yuzawa station.




NOTICE: if you offer for borrowing, and it’s weekend, you may need to queue for reception, for approximately 1 hour.

On the following website, you can make reservation of borrowing. But the site is only in JAPANESE.

If you want to make a reservation here, Guidable will support you by 1500( one reservation should be less than 5 people). Please contact us from .





People who is from warm countries, countries never had snow, should try at least one time while you stay in Japan.

Places where you can enjoy winter sports in Japan have developed with snow. So that you can find many typical culture and nice winter view from the top of mountain.