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Are you thinking of joining club activities in Japan?  Yes, you should!

By Guidable Writers Jul 10, 2016

《Treasure hunting》

There are various kinds of groups that offer cultural activities in Japan.

Some Japanese are eager to join those kinds of groups in order to keep physical health, to cultivate their interests, or to make friends outside their workplaces.
If you are a student, you should join a club at school.
If you are not a student, you should join a club activity offered by any social group.
As a non-native citizen, you will be able to know Japanese culture and people more by communications in a circle.
It must be a “treasure hunting” for you.  


《Recommended activities》

#1: Japanese classes

#2: Japanese Tea ceremony (Sa-dou)

#3: Cooking

#4: Kendo

#5: Judo

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If you are not sure whether you can continue one activity for a long term, I would recommend you to participate “temporary activities” or “one-day-trial activities.”

Here are some examples.

#1: January: Try a Japanese traditional card game (Hyaku-ninn-Isshu.)


#2: February: Make chocolate for St. Valentine’s Day.

#3: March: Make dolls with origami/paper clay for Girls’ Day (

#4: April: Cooking lunch box (
Obento) for Cherry-blossom Viewing (Hana-Mi.)

#5: May: Make dolls with origami/paper clay for Boys’ Day (

               Flower arrangement/cooking for Mother’s Day (Haha-no-Hi.)

#6: June: Pottery making (
Tou-Gei); a small cup for sake for Father’s Day (Chichi-no-Hi.)

#7: July: Try wearing
Yukata for festivals or fireworks exhibitions(Natsu-Matsuri &Hanabi.)

#8: August: Star watching.

                   Craftwork with children for summer vacation homework.

#9: September: Pottery making (
Tou-Gei); tea cup for “Respect for the Aged Day” (Keirou-no-Hi.)        

#10: October: An excursion for viewing autumnal leaves (

#11: November: Try making a Christmas cake.

#12: December: Try making a greeting card (
Nenn-ga-Jou) with hand-made stamps.

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《Where can you find?》

A community center (Kou-minn-kann) will be the first place for you to look for some activities.

You can check with your local information bulletin published by ward offices (Ku-yaku-sho,) city offices (Shi-yaku-sho,) or town offices (Yaku-ba.)

You can also check directly with those offices.

Some of them will prepare the list of activities which shows the tuition and the duration.

Some officers should be in charge of “international exchange section” and speak English.
So, you might consult them the procedure and the detail for accessing to those activities.

Please remember that not all activities are available mentioned above depending on their each circumstance.

However, the officers will have good networks that they can introduce some teachers to you, so you can ask any clues of them.


《Contact individual teachers》

While each local organization provides various activities, you can also choose activities by individual teachers taken place at home, workplaces, or studios.

As you can imagine, it costs more than those provided by community centers, but you can take more intensive courses than those.  

If you are interested in Japanese cooking recipes, cooking class will be great experiences.
If you live in Tokyo, you might choose a cooking class where English is available.

See the detail by the following URL.


I hope you will find wonderful treasures for your own in Japan.

In order to share it with your friends or families.