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Cycling island to the weekends

By Guidable Writers Aug 1, 2016

When you see the map of Japan, you would notice that there many islands in Japan. What is image of Japan? Kyoto, Tokyo, or Mt.Fuji?

I introduce you here one of interesting island trip on the weekends.

The Sadoga-shima is located on the Japan see of Nigata prefecuture. There are still remain traditional houses along the coast side. To knowing well this island, round island by bicycle is good way.

<How to access Sadoga-shima>

There are ferry terminal from Naoetsu to Ogi (2h 30min), Teradomari to Akadomari(2h)Nigata to Ryotsu(2h 30min).

This ferry runs several times every day. Please refer to the following in detail that written in English.

The main place of Sadogas-shima for transportation is Ryotsu, where the main port with connections Nigata port. There are many numbers ferries from Nigata city.


<Best season to visit>

Speaking about cycling, the best season is from middle of March to May and September to October.

Because, summer season in Japan is humid. Even the temperature is around 25 degrees, the humidity will reach around 80 per cent. It is a little hard to cycle in all the day. Nevertheless, if you try in summer season, you really need keep much water because of sweat. Due to above reason, spring and autumn are comfortable seasons in Sadoga-shima to cycle for you.


<Recommended plan>

The longest coast length of Sadoga-shima is about 210km, that called “A course”.

[Plan1]  Going round island slowly.

The purpose of this plan is to see traditional atmosphere Sadoga-shima. Therefore, you don’t need racing bicycle to go round the island.


If you would like to make a tour without stay an accommodation, it is better to bring some items as follows.

– Tent set.
(Depending on the season, you can sleep only sleeping bag, so you may not need a tent.)

– Cook equipment.
(Because, there are not so many places to eat without Ryotsu, Aikawa. You should obtain foods in advance, or you can buy some foods at grocery store (convenience store which name is “Save on”,)

– DSLR and single focus lens that 35mm – 50mm (Full- size conversion) is better to shoot atmosphere of this island.
(The west side of island is good place to see sunrise.)

In this case, the best type bicycle is Touring Bike, however MTB is also not bat a choice. MTB needs a carrier and rope to equip baggage.

[Plan2]  Tour island in one day.

Roadraceer type of bicycle is faster than roundner.

As for road condition, there is almost asphalt and maintained all over the island.