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Do Not Dare Enter These 5 Haunted Spots in Japan

By Yae Aug 3, 2017

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Do you know there are frightening haunted spots in Japan?They are like those scenes in horror movies but they are actually unlucky spots like some accident locations.Here are 5 most frightening haunted spots in Japan I would like to recommend to you.

They are like those scenes in horror movies but they are actually unlucky spots like some accident locations.Here are 5 most frightening haunted spots in Japan I would like to recommend to you.
Be careful, if you go there, you might not come back or maybe you’ll get involved in something worst that would happen.Do not step in just for curious. People’s grudges are stronger than you think.

Or maybe you might have already stepped in a haunted place already…




1. Jomon Tunnel in Hokkaido

This tunnel opened in 1914 which is located in Hokkaido and 507m long.It’s located between JR Hokkaido Sekihokuhon Line Ikutahara Station and Kanehana Station.Sadly, this tunnel was made by illegal labor environment which we call as “sweatshop” and “Takobeya Rodo” in Japanese.

Due to the crucial working manual, people who fell over and didn’t have any more energy to work would be buried alive in this tunnel, let alone providing them with enough food or medical treatments.People found more than 100 human skeletons with a standing postures in the tunnel, when the Tokachi-Oki earthquake occurred in 1968, which leads to the discovery of those skeletons.

Many people said they had witnessed human figures and heard creepy voice from this tunnel. People got involved in accidents like breaking legs or committing suicide after they visited this tunnel. So if you want to visit this tunnel, go at your own risk.

You can’t imagine what deep curses those died people still have.




Access to this spot

There is a signboard which is written “One-way to Enter Jomon Tunnel” in between Kanehana Station and Ikutahara Station.
It’s a side street so you just keep walking this street about 15 min.


Ikutaharayae, Monbetsugunengarucho, Hokkaido, 099-00703



2. Touchan Pond in Tokyo

During the summer in 1925, a 10-year-old boy who had a nickname as “Touchan” fell into the Yakebe Pond while he was playing near the pond. The other 2 boys, who were good swimmers, tried to help him, but they also got drowned. Three boys had died in this accident.

It’s shallow pond with unruffled surface, so what caused their death?

The fact came up a few years later when many people saw white hands stretching out of the pond at night and trying to drag people down into the pond.People said that Touchan and the other 2 boys had also been dragged into the pond by these creepy white hands.And people can still hear the sound of kids crying from the pond these days.Due to this accident, people started to call this pond “Touchan Pond.”

Do not approach this pond during night!!!



Access to this spot

□ From Tokyo Station to Kokubunji Station (Chuo Line)
□ From Kokubunji Station to Seibuyuenchi Station (Seibu Tamako Line)
□ From Seibuyuenchi Station, about 15 min walk to Sayama Park.
※The pond is in the Sayama Park.


3-17-19, Tamakocho, Higashimurayama city, Tokyo, 189-0026


3. Rainbow Bridge in Kanagawa

This bridge was built in 1985 and it is about 150m high above the lake surface.
It’s a very famous spot as a suicide location and people had built a high fence to prevent people from committing suicide. So the suicides have stopped happening these days.

What indeed stops the suicides?

Many people saw a lady wearing a white dress staring at the people with a reproachful look on this bridge.
There are many strange happenings related to this bridge such as follows:

1. If you take pictures of the bridge, there will be ghosts on the pictures.
2. When you’re driving across the bridge, someone will pull your hair with a strong force even if you’re alone.
3. If you stand on the edge of the bridge, you will hear the sound of footsteps suddenly out of nowhere.

Stay alert to the lots of restless spirits who have committed suicide on this bridge.



Access to this Spot

□ From Tokyo Station to Hashimoto Station (JR Yokohama Line, Sagamihara Line)
□ Get off at Hashimoto Station, and take a bus and get off at last stop called Toriihara Fureaino Ie.
□ Walk about 1 min.


Kiyokawamura, Aikogun, Kanagawa,243-0100


4. Previous Inunaki Toge Tunnel in Fukuoka

People who live around this spot will never try to step into this area, due to the really horrible murder case happened in the past.

It was on the December 7th in 1988, a 20-year-old guy was heading home from work by car. Then on the way, 5 corner boys tried to rob the car from him and they started pouring fuel to the guy and killed him by burning him alive since the guy refused to pass over his car. He tried to escape even if he was burning and finally he ran into the Inunaki Toge Tunnel and died in the middle of tunnel.

After this horrible accident, this tunnel is blocked and people built a new tunnel in this area.
However, people experienced many strange happenings such as a sudden brake failure while driving through the new tunnel or something fell down on the back area of the car, etc.

Threatening spirit is still haunting near this tunnel. Try not go closer.



Access to this Spot

□ From Hakata Station to Shirakibashi Station by bus with 1 hour
□ From Shirakibashi Station, 1 min walk



Kiyokawamura, Aikogun, Kanagawa,243-0100



5. Irei Forest in Iwate

The accident happened on July 30th, 1971.

A Passenger plane of ANA and a fighter aircraft of Self-Defense Forces crashed in the air and burst into flame and both fell in the Irei Forest.Unfortunately, all 162 passengers died in this unexpected accident.
Many people had experienced creepy happenings in this forest after the crash. For example, they heard people crying, or they suddenly felt sick, they saw ghosts, etc. No one expected to face this crash, so there might be many ghosts, who haven’t noticed of their dying, still haunting there.

Imagine having 162 people’s curses on you. Don’t step into this spot.




Access to this Spot

□ (JR Shinkansen) From Tokyo Station to Morioka Station in about 2 hours and 15 min.
□ About 30 min by car from Morioka Station.


Dai47chiwari, Nishianiwa, Shizukuishicho, Iwategun, Iwate, 020-0572


Have you been scared by the 5 stories about haunted places?
Some of you may want to go there and take a look, however, remember it’s your own choice and at your own risk. No one will take responsibilities for that.
You can’t blame anybody after you visit those haunted spots, but are you sure you really want to go?


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