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Ed Sheeran coming to Japan! First concert in Budokan!

By Guidable Writers Jun 15, 2017



Ed Sheeran is coming to Japan! Ed Sheeran is now embarking on an extensive Asia tour, including Taiwan, South Korea, Indoesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and India. On 31st October and 1st November, Ed Sheeran is finally going to have his first concert in Tokyo, Japan! I am going to introduce you about the detail of the concert? How would be the set list? How much does it cost for one seat? I am going to tell everything about the concert!


After a show at Osaka Castle Hall on October 25th, Ed Sheeran will have his first concert at Nippon Budokan on the 31st October and 1st November.


What is the price of the tickets?

SS seats: 20000yen

S seats: 12000yen

A seats: 10000yen

B seats: 8000yen

Here are the prices of the seats at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo. The prices are high, but they will provide standing seat which would be relatively cheaper than the regular seats.


What is the set list?

The set list at Mexico Concert (4th June 2017)

  1. Castle on the Hill
  2. Eraser
  3. The A Team
  4. Don’t/New Man
  5. Dive
  6. Bloodstream
  7. Happier
  8. Galway Girl
  9. Feeling Good
  10. Barcelona
  11. Photograph
  12. Perfect
  13. Nancy Mulligan
  14. Thinking out Loud
  15. Sing
  16. Shape of you (ENC)
  17. You need Me, I Don’t Need You (ENC)

As you can see, there are songs from the his latest album ÷(Divide). There might be changes in the set list in Japan.


Ed Sheeran wanted to have a concert in Budokan!


This is the first time for Ed Sheeran to have his concert in the Budokan, but this is actually his second time to perform in Budokan. When he was traveling to Japan during his vacation, he participated in the concert of Eric Clapton at Budokan. He liked the atmosphere of Budokan, and decided to hold his concert in Budokan in the future.


Where you can buy ticket for the concert?


You can buy ticket online in different way. One easiest way to get a ticket is to go to e+ (check the link below);



Those who are from Japan might not be familiar about Ed Sheeran, so I am going to make a brief introduction about him! After reading my introduction about him, I think you will understand how talented he is, and you will begin to get interested in listening to his songs. So, I am going to begin with who is Ed Sheeran, his career, and his achievement! I hope the following paragraph will give you an idea of who he is!


Who is Ed Sheeran?

Edward Christopher “Ed” Sheeran is a famous English singer and songwriter, who has won the hearts of people all over the world with his melodic voice. He is an occasional rapper and actor as well. His popularity increased especially after the release of his first album ‘+’ and after a guest appearance was made by him on Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album ‘Red.


Biography of Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran was born in Feburary 1991 in Halifax, England. He was playing guitar since he was young and soon he begins to write his own songs. As he grew up, he moved to London to learn music, and he hit No.1 on the iTunes chart before he ever signed with a record label.


When Sheeran was 11, he met singer-songwriter Damien Rice at Rice’s show, and Rice told Sheeran to write his own songs. When Sheeran was 14, he recorded CDs and sold them, and he soon put together his first official EP, The Orange Room. He then headed to London, and he left his home with his guitar and a backpack! He began his career as a singer-song writer when he was still a teenager.

After releasing two albums in 2007 and developing large online fan base, he headed to the U.S. He soon released his final EP as an independedt singer, and the record reached No.2 on the iTunes chart without any promotion. He then signed on with Atlantic Records.


After signing with Atlantic, Sheeran released his major debut studio album +. The album sold more than a million copies in the U.K. just in the first six months. In June 2014, his second album x, appeared at No.1 in the US. And U.K. The project featured three top 10 singles ‘Don’t’, ‘Photograph’ and ‘Thinking out Loud’. He also won the Grammy for song of the year and Best Pop Solo Performance in 2016.


In 2017, he released his third album in March 2017, and his album broke a Sportify record for first-day album streams with 56.7 million listens in 24 hours.

Ed Sheeran has received numerous awards for his performances. They include the ‘British Artist of the Year’ award in 2014, at the BBC’s annual pop music awards and the ‘A

American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist’ in 2015.


His brother Matthew is also a singer. He is the cousin of TV presenter Gordon Burns and fellow musician Jethro Sheeran. In 2015, he began dating Cherry Seaborn.


As you can see from his biography, we can all tell that he is having a successful career. If you want to listen to his major songs, listen to the three albums he had published! And if you want to see his show in Budokan, get a ticket now online!