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It’s About Time for Fruit Picking

By Guidable Writers Nov 6, 2016

The Best Season Is in the Air

Fruit picking is one of best activities here in Japan. However, do you know when the best season is? Actually it’s time for it because several fruits harvest has come. You can pick them up and eat there, or take them home. Moreover, some farms have BBQ area and you can also have a BBQ though summer is over. Why don’t you try fruit picking and taste seasonal flavor this autumn?


What Fruit Can You Pick Up?

Usually you can pick up apples, grapes, chestnuts, Japanese pears, etc. from September to October. Especially several varieties of apples harvest are coming, and you can enjoy apple picking whenever you visit there in this period. The apples you have picked up are served as all you can eat, and you shouldn’t pick them too many. Some farms also sell apple jam and crisps, and you may choose them. Several farms have both Japanese and European pears, but European pears are only for sell and picking is not available at some of them. If the farm you will visit has its website, you should check out fruit picking calendar and decide the best day for you.


BBQ – Another Pleasure for Fruit Picking

Are you convinced that you can have a BBQ only in spring or summer? Nope, you can have a BBQ in autumn too! BBQ is available at several farms. You can bring your own food, or the farms also offer beef, pork, vegetables, rice, drinks, cookstove, etc. Moreover, you can add yakiimo (baked sweet potatoes) at some farms. Have a BBQ as lunch, then eat fruits you picked up as dessert. However, don’t get absorbed in talking and BBQ, and never forget sweet potatoes. Reservation required and bring your own alcohols are charged. Ask the farms more detail.


Can You Take Them Home?

You might wonder if you can take these fruits home. Yes, you may take them home after picking. However, it costs additional money. When you will take them home, these fruits are sold by weight and you have to pay additional fee by the kilograms. Because all fruits are generally all you can eat and no time limit in the farm, it is considered to be discourteous that leaving fruits on your table. Pick them up as enough to eat, and finish eating in the farm.