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LUCKY PIERROT in Hokkaido, northern part of Japan

By Guidable Writers Nov 29, 2016


There is a popular restaurant in Hakodate City in Hokkaido named “LUCKY PIERROT.” They actually have 17 shops mainly in Hakodate City and around there: in fact, their main shop is in Nanae-cho (Nanae town) next to Hakodate City. The reasons for their popularity are their casual atmosphere and good dishes that can be enjoyed at reasonable prices. Most of local people, young and old, men and women love to enjoy meals at LUCKY PIERROT anytime. Furthermore, as for tourists, most of them don’t miss meals there when they visit Hakodate City. LUCKY PIERROT is proud of their ingredients NOT TO BE frozen to be heated. This is the reason why it takes a while for dishes to be ready, and they are not counted as a fast food shop but as a restaurant.


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《What food is recommended?》

LUCKY PIERROT is famous especially for their hamburgers which has won the first prize at a hamburger contest in Japan. Their hamburgers are cooked after each order has been taken as well as other dishes so the meat is juicy and fresh with fresh lettuce and other fillings. The buns are totally different from the ones at other hamburgers that smells like roasted with sesames; in fact, full of sesames are on their hamburgers. Here are my recommendations.


#1: Chinese chicken burger: Chicken is deep fried and dipped with sweet soy-sauce.


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#2: Katsu-Donn (Pork cutlet bowl): It is satisfying in its quality, quantity and price.


#3: Yaki-Cheese Curry (Grilled rice&curry with cheese): If you love curry and want to have a big meal, you should try it.


#4: Chinese chicken Yakisoba (Fried noodle with Chinese chicken): Chicken is same as the one in Chinese chicken burger.


#5: Milkshake: I would strongly recommend for you to take one out to drink on the way in driving after you have main dish at a restaurant. The flavors are listed here sorted by my recommendations.

☆ mocha→chocolate→yogurt→blueberry→strawberry→vanilla


《Don’t forget to buy souvenirs》

LUCKY PIERROT has also plenty of souvenirs at each restaurant. You should purchase some kinds of them for your friends, families, or for yourself.


☆1: Guarana: It is made from guarana beans which tastes like coca cola.




☆2: Hawaiian muffin: There are 6 flavors, and “blueberry cream cheese” is best recommended.


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☆3: LUCKY PIERROT noodle: It is recommended by the president of them.



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《What about illumination in winter?》

They hold “Romantic illumination” in winter at main shop in Nanae-cho.

☆Address: Hokkaido Kameda-gunn Nanae-cho Tougeshita 337-11

☆Access: 35 minutes’ driving from JR Hakodate station

7 minutes’ driving from JR Hokuto station (a stop for Shinkannsenn)

☆Duration: From November 1st (Tue) in 2016 to March 31st (Fri) in 2017

☆Lighting time: from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. (to 9 p.m. on Saturday)

☆Admission: 324 JPY for terrace table (If you see it from the roadside, you will not be charged.)


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We have lots of things to do at “LUCKY PIERRT.” Let us share a “Wonderland” with our friends, families, lovers, or tummy chan!