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Japanese Chocolate Snacks: Win With Kit-Kat!

By Guidable Writers Aug 21, 2020

Updated February 2021 

The popularity of Kit-Kats – the most popular chocolate snacks in Japan has spread worldwide!

Original Kit-Kat – the Most Popular Japanese Chocolate Snacks

The growth and success of Kit Kats in Japan is a “classic” example of the successful adaptation to a new audience of any company. The chocolate wafer company was founded in Japan by the parent company Nestlé in 1973. In 2000, Nestlé Japan set to release the first non-chocolate flavor: strawberry. Since then, Kit Kat has produced more than 350 flavors, which have gradually become a part of Japanese culture.

Why are Kit-Kats So Special in Japan

The Variations!

You could find the Kit Kat in a drug store, but here, in the very country of Japan, the Kit Kat is on a different level. In Japan, the Kit Kat pushes all the limits of its form: it is multicolored and multi-flavored and sometimes extremely difficult to find. Flavors are continually innovating, with many appearing as limited-edition runs. Not only green tea, but it also goes with the local specialties only in Japan, such as sake, Okinawan sweet potato, wasabi, red bean.

Nestlé even decided to venture to cover Kit-Kats in real gold in 2015 and distributed them all across Japanese retailers, evoking Charlie and Chocolate Factory’s gold hunt for a luxury confectionary item. One bar was worth 2,016 yen ($16 at that time).

The popularity of Kit Kat in Japan has spread worldwide, resulting from an in-depth report on how Kit-Kats was produced in Japan by the New York Times in 2018.

The Win Story

While the innovative recreation of traditional Japanese flavors such as Matcha Green Tea and Red Bean made a contribution to its growth, Kit Kat also relies heavily on the unique brand identity opportunity presented by the Japanese language.

The brand name “Kit Kat” has been transcribed into “Kitto Katto” (キットカット) in Japanese, which grammatically reflects the phrase “Kitto Katsu (きっと勝つ).” “Kitto Katsu” can be translated into a variety of positive phrases, ranging from “surely win” to “never fail.” As a result, Kit Kat began marketing itself as a lucky charm in all Japanese society areas. Kit Kats have become particularly popular gifts for students during the exam period and now come packed with specific encouraging phrases like “do your best” and “believe in yourself.”

Baked Kit-Kat – A New Way Of Eating

Chocolate typically occurs to melt at 28°C or above; even kids know that. But not to Kitkat, though! Japan has release a unique type of Kit Kat that can be baked! How is that? Bake the Kit-kat in an oven toaster for 2 minutes, and you’ll be stunned by the terrific flavor; crispy outside creamy inside, absolutely delicious!

What’s Your Favourite Japanese Kit-Kat?

The popularity of Kit Kat in Japan has spread worldwide! From its multicolored, multi-flavored to the ”legend” wining branding story! What is your favorite Kit-kat in Japan? Leave a comment below!