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Where to Buy the BEST Vegan and Gluten-Free Christmas Cake in Japan

By Alex Gray Dec 7, 2021

It’s nearly the holidays and that means it’s time to make preparations for your Christmas feast. It can be a little more difficult for vegans or those eating a gluten-free diet, but no longer impossible. Something Christmassy Japan has certainly taken hold of is the Christmas cake. Maybe you still can’t pop into the nearest shop cake shop and find something but there are so many more options now than there were a few years ago in Japan.

Find Vegan and Gluten-Free Christmas Cake in Japan

Here’s our recommended vegan Christmas cake list in Japan. And many of them are even gluten-free too! They are bound to sell out fast as there are only a few of each so reservations are recommended! Some of the cakes are available for delivery, and some are pick-up only.


Vegan & gluten-free

vegan gluten-free christmas cake in japan ain soph

Credits: AIN SOPH. Instagram

AIN SOPH. is one of Japan’s leading vegan restaurants with locations in Ginza, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro. Choose from the Christmas classic Shortcake, Tiramisu, and Chocolate Marron!  AIN SOPH.’s tiramisu is a thing of legend, soft, spongey and so rich delicious that we can only imagine how amazing this tiramisu cake must be!

  • Tiramisu Cake (12cm) – 4,580 yen
  • Chocolate and Marron Christmas Cake (15cm) – 6,200 yen
  • Strawberry Short Christmas Cake (12cm) – 5,000 yen 

All cakes are vegan & gluten-free

Reservations: made online, open now (since 5th November)

Collections: AIN SOPH. Ginza, Shinjuku Sanchome and Ikebukuro
Collection dates: 22nd ~ 25th December
Collection times:11:30~20:00

vegan gluten-free christmas cake in japan ain soph2

Credits: AIN SOPH. Instagram

You can specify your collection location, date and time but note that you cannot have the cakes delivered and they are pick-up only!

Website: https://www.ain-soph.jp/x-mas-cakes

T’s Restaurant

Vegan & gluten-free available

vegan gluten-free christmas cake in japan tsrestaurant

Credits: T’s Restaurant Instagram

Another one of Japan’s leading vegan restaurants is T’s Restaurant in Jiyugaoka. T’s Restaurant also own a popular and very delicious noodle restaurant called T’s Tantan with restaurants in several locations including Narita airport!

T’s Restaurant is offering the choice of two vegan Christmas cakes.

  • Christmas Cake – plain (12cm) – 4,200 JPY,  (15cm) – 5,200 yen *gluten & nut-free
  • Christmas Cake – Chocolate and Nuts (9cm×15cm) – 5,400 yen *uses gluten

Reservations: E-mail, Instagram DM, phone

E-mail: tsrestaurant.rv@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tsrestaurant_jp/
Website: http://ts-restaurant.jp/

hal okada vegan sweet lab

Vegan & gluten-free

vegan gluten-free christmas cake in japan hal okada strawberry

Credits: hal okada vegan sweet lab Instagram

hal okada vegan sweet lab makes cakes using only plant-based ingredients, cakes that are sweet yet carry the delicacy of vegan ingredients. The Kayama Farm Strawberries Vegan shortcake is a Christmas version of their most popular cake, and only 30 of them are available each day between 21st~25th December. There is a nut-free version available for an extra price.

vegan gluten-free christmas cake in japan hal okada chocolate

Credits: hal okada vegan sweet lab Instagram

The special Christmas Pistachio and Raspberry Chocolate Cake sold out last year and so hal okada made the cake available to buy nationwide online this year! It’s a gluten-free sponge with rich layers of chocolate ganache, pistachio cream, and raspberry custard cream for a delicious sweet & tart treat!

  • Kayama Farm Strawberries Vegan Shortcake (15cm) – 6,300 yen  *pickup only
  • Pistachio and Raspberry Chocolate Cake (15cm) – 7,500 yen *delivery only

Reservations: https://halokada.square.site/2021christmas
Collection dates: 21st~25th December 11:00〜19:00 *Kayama Farm Strawberries Vegan Shortcake only
Delivery dates: 18th~23rd December *Pistachio and Raspberry Chocolate Cake only

CHAYA macrobiotics

vegan gluten-free christmas cake in japan chayamacrobiotics

Credits: CHAYA macribiotics Instagram

Vegan & gluten-free

CHAYA macrobiotics serve dishes made only with the best organic and specially cultivated produce without use of chemical seasonings, synthetic colours or artificial sweeteners. Enjoy your Christmas completely guilt-free with this gluten free, egg free, dairy free, sugar free vegan cake! They use plenty of ripe strawberries and a delectable soy whipped cream for a sweet and sour treat.

  • Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Mousse – Size 5 – 5,400 yen

Collection dates: 24th & 25th December

Reservation website: https://chayacake.theshop.jp/
Website: https://chayam.co.jp/2021-christmas-cake/

Shochiku-En Cafe


vegan christmas cake in japan shochiku en cafe

Credits: Shochiku-En Cafe Instagram

Cakes from Shochiku-En Cafe in Asakusa are made with fresh fruits and vegetables, and without the use of colourings, additives or white sugar. Their signature cake is a delicious rainbow cake using fruit and vegetables to create the beautiful colourful layers. Why not try their Christmas version of this cake!

Choose between three yummy vegan Christmas cakes.

  • Vegan Rainbow Christmas Cake (12~24cm) – 4,200 ~ 10,600 yen
  • Vegan Strawberry Christmas Cake (12~24cm) – 3,200 – 9,600 yen
  • Chocolate Strawberry Christmas Cake (12~24cm) – 3,200 – 9,600 yen

Reservations: https://shochiku-en.jp/product-category/vegan-cake/
Website: shochiku-en.jp

Satisfy Your Cake Craving in Japan With This Vegan & Gluten-Free Christmas Cake List

vegan gluten-free christmas cake in japan

Eating a special diet in Japan used to be extremely hard, and we still have to sacrifice many yummy Japanese dishes but it’s no longer impossible to enjoy our own Christmas treats. This is a list of Christmas cakes available from the author’s favourite restaurants but there are still several options out there if these don’t take your fancy!

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