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Where to Find The Best Authentic Pizza in Tokyo

By Margherita Aug 16, 2022

Let’s be real: the best part of traveling is definitely trying the local cuisine. And while jumping on a plane is difficult, scary, and expensive, luckily, Tokyo offers some of the most flavourful and authentic pizza we have ever tried, so you do not have to go all the way to Italy.

Tested and Recommended Authentic Pizza in Tokyo

Keep on reading to find out the five most authentic pizza spots in Tokyo (tested and approved by Italians).

Bella Napoli (Koto)

Bella Napoli serves top-notch pizza on the eastern side of the city. The dough is soft and chewy and cooked to perfection. The place is very loved, especially by the people living in the neighborhood.

Prices range from 1,200 yen for a simple marinara pizza to 2,500 yen for more elaborate pizzas.

Address: 9-3 Takabashi, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0005

La Stazione Della Pizza (Jiyugaoka)

La Stazione Della Pizza is one of the pizza restaurant gems of the southern area of the city. This pizzeria has a good range of pizzas on the menu, from a classic tomato base to more creative cheese base ones.

The star of the show is their star-shaped pizza and the margherita with buffalo cheese. Prices start at around 1,400 yen for a simple marinara pizza and go up to 2,500 for the star-shaped “Don Peppe.”

Address: 6−33−9 内海ビル 1F , Okusawa, Setagaya City, Tokyo 158-0083    

a photo of a pizza just come out of a oven

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Pizzeria Ciro (Higashi Nakano)

Pizzeria Ciro is a small pizzeria located in the quiet shopping street in Higashi Nakano. The menu offers an extensive range of pizzas, from all the classics to the less common but highly recommended huge fried pizzas (which are a must-eat from Naples). 

Try the Nutella stuffed pizza for a decadent and blissful chocolate experience.

Address: 3−8−3 フェニックスビル 1F, Higashinakano, Nakano City, Tokyo 164-0003 

L’Arte (Sangenjaya)

The pizza at Trattoria e Pizzeria L’arte is undoubtedly the most authentic Neapolitan-style pizza in the Sangenjaya area. There are not many seats inside, so be prepared to wait or make a reservation in advance.

Prices for pizzas are around 2,000-2,500 yen at night, and while dinner can get a little pricey, the value of their lunch sets is amazing. The dough is pillowy, and the crust firm, while the food is made using good quality ingredients and balanced flavors.

Address: 1−35−17 , Sangenjaya, Setagaya City, Tokyo 154-0024 

Takata Bokusya (Waseda)

Takata Bokusya is a vibrant and cozy Italian restaurant in the heart of the student area of Waseda University. The interior is intimate, and the comfy sofas create the perfect space to spend several hours studying while sipping coffee or enjoying a good pizza—that is why we are here, right? 

The dough is soft and chewy, and the toppings and varieties available can satisfy every taste and palate. If you love animals, you will also love their cute dog (and shop’s unofficial mascot) hanging around.

Pizza prices range from the classic margherita pizza at around 1,300 yen to the cheese base porchetta pizza at around 2,000 yen.

Address: 1-101 Totsukamachi, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 169-0071

A Regà Pizza e Gelato (Shirokanedai)

A Regà Pizza e Gelato is not your conventional pizza place. This little shop in Shirokanedai serves square sliced pizza, which is called pizza al taglio in Italian and is typical of Rome. Toppings at A Regà change constantly depending on seasonal ingredients and can be less conventional than your go-to Italian pizza place: stracciatella cheese and anchovies, smoked salmon and escarole lettuce, ham, and melon–just to name a few. 

The dough is also less airy and fermented than Neapolitan-style pizza and is more similar to focaccia.

End your meal with some of their outstanding homemade gelato and espresso in this perfect recreation of a southern Italian coffee shop.

The price of a slice varies depending on the topping, averaging at 600 yen.

Address: 3−18−5 Nkビル 1F, Shirokanedai, Minato City, Tokyo 108-0071 

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Antica Pizzeria da Michele (Ebisu)

Antica Pizzeria da Michele is an institution in Naples: the quality is impeccable, the portions huge, and the price incredible. Since our expectations were high, it was a bit scary to try the pizza at Da Michele in Ebisu for the first time, but the pizzaioli (people who make the pizza) were able to meet the expectations: the pizzas were huge, the dough was soft and chewy, and the garlicky marinara sauce was perfect. Be aware, though, that just like the original shop in Naples, only the two classic pizzas are available: marinara and margherita. 

Prices are a bit higher here, with the simple marinara starting at 2,000 yen, but the portion is definitely worth it.

Address: 4-4-7 Ebisu, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0013

Savoy Tomato and Cheese (Azabujuban)

Close your eyes, and take a bite of the margherita pizza. If it wasn’t for the Japanese in the background, you could definitely be in Naples. The perfect balance of garlic, oregano, and oil in the marinara sauce and the perfectly melted mozzarella with basil make Savoy Tomato and Cheese a safe choice. Just like Da Michele, Savoy also does not splurge on fancy toppings but keeps things classic and simple so you can appreciate the quality of the dough and the freshness of the ingredients.

Address: 3-3-13 Azabujuban, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0045

Best Authentic Pizza You Have to Try in Tokyo 

No matter how much of a Chicago-style pizza lover you are, these authentic Italian pizza places in Tokyo are a must-try if you are living in the city. 

We warn you, however—the freshly melted mozzarella cheese and the chewy dough might get addictive.

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