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Japan’s Animal Cafes, Your One-Stop Guide

By Devy Nov 2, 2021

Have you ever heard of Japan’s unique and memorable animal cafes? Although you may find many cat or rabbit cafes in other countries, there are many more to discover here in Japan!

Japan is known as a country that loves animals, providing many areas for its people to visit and take care of them. 

This includes the many wildlife reserves, zoos and mini playgrounds such as animal cafes that are widely spread across the country. 

Here, we will introduce some of Tokyo’s most unusual animal cafes. 

Unique Animal Cafes in Tokyo

1. ChikuChiku Cafe (Hedgehog Home & Cafe)

The first one is a cute cafe with hedgehogs as your host! 

Located only 2 minutes from Shibuya Station, you will be fascinated by the fantastic dollhouses inhabited by groups of hedgehogs. 

animal cafe, toko, japan

Photo credits: Pixabay, Pexels

The cute little hedgehogs will greet you with their adorable behaviour, after which you can touch and play with them! 

The dollhouses are fully decked-out with a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and other functional rooms that will help you create adorable pictures featuring the lovely hedgehogs. 

You need to make a reservation before visiting the cafe, and all visitors must follow the COVID-19 regulations for their own safety. 

Click here for more detail about ChikuChiku Cafe. 

2. Temari No Ouchi

The next one is an excellent destination for cat lovers who want to take playing with cats to another level! 

As soon as you step through the front door, you will feel a unique sensation of being part of a fairytale, with a lot of cats napping or actively playing around. 

The theme of this cafe is a cartoonish tea party with various types of drinks and snacks. 

You can enjoy playing with the adorable cats inside a gingerbread house or feeding them under a giant treehouse. 

This magical cat cafe is located in Kichijoji. For more info, you can check this website. 

3. Tokyo Snake Center 

animal cafe, snake, tokyo, japan

Photo credits: Kamil Zubrzycki, Pexels 

For you snake lovers, you can now enjoy petting them without fear! 

You can have a memorable time with nonvenomous, safe, and well-trained snakes for just 1,100 yen. 

This cafe allows you to spend time with many types of snakes, and you are free to choose which one you want to carry. 

Each snake is very colourful and beautiful in its own way. This will definitely allow you to get over your fear of snakes and help you become friendly with these wild animals. 

You should make a reservation in advance. In order to have a better experience, click here

4. Cafe and Bar Owl Village 

Another unique type of animal cafe in Tokyo is the owl cafe!

You may not have seen owls in your everyday life before, so this is a great place to have a new experience with this nocturnal animal. 

There are two branches of Owl Village, one in Harajuku and the other in Kichijoji. 

animal cafe, owl, tokyo, japan

Photo credits: Widarto Suratman, Pexels

You can see from up close and touch these superb owls, safely, and you can see how friendly they are! 

For more info, please check out this website beforehand. 

5. Micro Pig House

Have you ever seen a cafe with a lot of small pigs inside? Here’s one! 

The Micro Pig House has several branches in Japan. Within the Tokyo area, they are located in Meguro and Harajuku. 

This is the only place that you can see and meet with cute micro piggies and have close-up interactions with them. 

The cafe’s interior is also delightful, and it makes you feel at home accompanied by your little friends, the micro pigs. 

You should make a reservation before coming for a visit. Check this website for details. 

6. Kotori Cafe

animal cafe, parrot, bird, tokyo, japan

Photo credits: Magda Ehlers, Pexels

Your next stop should be the excellent Kotori cafe. This is a super friendly cafe with many types of birds flying and relaxing in the room!

There are many different types of birds all with very colourful bodies. 

You can play with them and touch the birds as long as you don’t frighten them. 

They also have a variety of incredible items on the menu, such as mini cakes with adorable bird-themed decorations. 

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to use flash photography inside the Kotori cafe, since you are asked to appreciate the little birds so that you can have the best experience with them.

They also have several branches so that you can check in advance for their availability here

7. Sakuragaoka Cafe

“Only in Tokyo!” is the famous tagline from Sakuragaoka Cafe. An excellent cafe that allows you to have a wonderful time with goats!

The main focus of this cafe is the tasty food, but you are welcome to sit and have a look at the adorable goats milling around. 

One thing; you are not allowed to pet them as it may be uncomfortable for the goats. However, you can have a great experience seeing their funny interactions! 

Sakuragaoka Cafe is located in Shibuya, and you don’t have to make a reservation in advance! 

So, Which of These Animal Cafes will be Your First Stop? 

Again, Japan is very famous because of its friendliness and great love of animals. 

You can find many shelters all around the country looking for good houses for these animals. 

Now, it’s your turn to have a wonderful time and enjoy having some fun interactions with these adorable animals! 




Devy Mufliha, 



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