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Post for Reptile lovers: Snake cafe in Tokyo

By Guidable Writers Feb 22, 2018

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Because of Japanese people being very busy, homes getting smaller, and buying a pet in Japan is considered as a luxurious priority, the idea of the animal cafe was born. It’s very convenient!

You might have already heard or read about: Cat, dog, rabbit, Owl and hedgehog cafes in Tokyo.

However different people have different preferences and tastes. So if you are not satisfied with the options listed above and by any chance, you are a reptile, “Ophiophilist” -snake lover like me… I have good news for you!  There is a perfect place for a reptile lover like you to visit in Tokyo.


Tokyo Snake Center or “Cafe & Snake”

This cafe opened in August, 2015 in the Fashion District of Harajuku. (Variety of nearly 35 snakes of ~20 different species)


1.”Table Companion” or Attendants


When you enter you can see many snakes of different types and colors in clear Perspex cases near the entrance.  All of them have a name and gender tag on the box. Before heading to your seat, waiter or waitress will ask you “which one would you like to take as your table companion?” while you enjoy your drink (or food).




Me and my friend chose one snake. However, it didn’t really move (probably too tired of people).

2.Petting a snake

There are larger snakes curled up in the same kind ( bigger) boxes and you can choose to pet any of them on the special sofa near. You can choose up to 2 different types of snakes.

So we decided to try this option. This time we chose 2 different color milk snakes.

Compared to those “table companion” snakes, these snakes are bigger, powerful and too active.

(P.s be careful, cause they always try to escape or even crawl into the sleeve of your jacket)


Before the “session” waiter/waitress puts a blanket on your knees.  The explanation for it: “So that they won’t pee on you”. Shocking and funny truth at the same time.


Overall, we had a great time. Although it was a first time for a friend of mine to hold a snake. I think he will treasure this experience for the rest of his life.

Turns out snakes can make you smile!

If you are still afraid of snakes, why not arrange a courage test and try to visit this place?


Open: from 11 am to 8 pm.
Closed: on Tuesdays.
Price: Cover charge is -1000¥ (includes one drink and a table companion)
The snake-handling charge is – additional 540¥.
Average visit time:  ~60 minutes


The place which is totally worth to visit. Highly recommend it.


Ira Kovalenko