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Radio Calisthenics Helps You to be Healthy

Radio Calisthenics Helps You to be Healthy

By Guidable Writers Jul 17, 2016

Helps People’s Health for Over 80 Years

Radio Calisthenics was originally introduced by Present Japan Post Insurance in September 1928 and the radio program started broadcasting on NHK Tokyo 2 months later, then became a national broadcast in 1929. The exercise was inspired by the radio show “Setting Up Exercise” by Present MetLife of the U.S. and introduced for the people of all age. The current exercise has been introduced in 1951 and known as warming-up exercise at PE classes of schools or office.

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(Reference: NHK)


How to Learn the Basic Moves

Radio Calisthenics is consisted of part 1 and 2. Because they take time for 10 minutes, part 2 tend to be omitted. You might think it is just warming-up, however, you will be quite spent when you do it seriously and some people who go on a diet adopt the exercise as training because of it.
You can learn basic exercise motions at ( and PDF version is available at ( Japanese only.
Click the image below.

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(Reference: NHK)

Radio Calisthenics in Summer Break

The Annual Radio Calisthenics Circuit is held by Japan Post Insurance from July 20 to August 31 each year. Because this period corresponds to summer break of elementary and junior high school, Radio Calisthenics is also required for elementary school students as morning routine. It is usually held at the children’s park in the residential district and used to be carried out Monday thru Saturday. Students get the attendance card below at school before the break, and they bring it to the park. The card is also available at the post office from the end of June and you can get it for free. Even though the event is basically held for elementary school students, adults are also welcome and may join them if you live near the venue that includes the annual circuit. However, the period is now being shortened because some adults feel it is so bothersome. Especially people who live near the park tends to be annoyed because it starts from 6:30 a.m. every morning and that is still sleeping time. Nowadays people work not only at daytime and their thoughts should be respected.

More info of the circuit:
( Japanese only.

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(Reference: Japan Post Insurance)

Tune in to the Radio or Get a CD

The Radio Calisthenics program broadcasts nationwide on NHK Radio 1, 2, General TV and Educational TV. Radio 1 broadcasts on 6:30 a.m. every day and Radio 2 broadcasts three times a day except Sunday. If it is difficult to tune in to the program, the CD is also available and you can try it anytime when you play the CD. Therefore, TV program which can learn basic motion easily broadcasts as The TV Calisthenics which contains another part which is named “The Calisthenics for Everyone”, it is the easier version of The Radio Calisthenics. The Broadcasting schedule detail is in here: (

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(Reference: NHK Service Center)