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4 shoutengai around Hatanodai(旗の台) Shinagawa-ku

By Guidable Writers Dec 10, 2015




The squire shape of white building has been standing in the middle of Shinagawa city for more than 35 years which you can see when you are on the Tokyu Line, called Shouwadaigaku byouin nyuuinn tou(inpatients’ ward of Showa University).

※Showa University is specialized in Medical field.



(The white building in the centre is inpatients’ ward of Showa University)

Around the building there are 4 shoutengai; Hatanodai higashi shoutengai, Hatagaoka Shoutangai, Ebaramachi shoutengai and Hatanodai 3 chome shoutengai which look quaint streets with many small local shops and customers who are not as eccentric dressing as people in Shibuya and Harajuku.



・Group of boys who are around 10 years of age riding a bicycle and speedy going through between people to people in Shoutengai….

・A old woman whose back is 45 degree bended walking like a speed of snail with her dog, hanging a bag from supermarket, probably for her dinner today….

・Mother driving the bicycle fast to somewhere with her child at the back: sitting on the child sheet and sleeping … how can he do it?…

・There were group of family who celebrated their daughter’s 7 th birthday . Daughter is in Kimono.



・Woman wondering which flower she is going to buy …



There are lots of Japanese daily scenes to be seen. If you have watched the movie “Always -3 chome no yuhi“, you probably will feel the Hatanodai shoutengai is the modern version of that movie.


By the way, the author thought “Why there are 4 shoutengai in such small region? Why not they unite?”




I could not find exact answer about it. So that let’s think of the reason of existing individually from the perspective of what kind of advantages those 4 shoutengai gain from NOT uniting.


Shoutengai is the aggregation of small retailers which located along street. There are more than 30 people in the union. Purpose of the union is “maintenance and improvement of their region”. There is subsidy which is provided by the government to be used for maintenance and improvement.


KIMG2314 KIMG2332


If those 4 shoutengai have different ideas and wills of improvement, there isn’t merit to be one union.


If you want to not famous but practical Japanese life which you cannot experience busy and lively cities, the author strongly recommend to visit there.