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A Must-Go Place in Tokyo: Odaiba

By Jennifer Jan 23, 2019

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Are you looking for someplace to have a good time, or enjoy some good shopping? If yes, Odaiba is the right place for you!

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and one of the most trendy places in the world! Inside this big city, we have a lot of places to enjoy, so come with me through this article to discover more incredible places to go!!

 Odaiba: An Interesting Place in the Middle of Tokyo



Have you ever heard of Odaiba?

Odaiba written in Japanese is お台場, is located at the Tokyo Bay Area. This is a man-made island that was built during the Edo Period, with the objective to create a fort to protect Tokyo. Since then, this island has attracted a number of visitors every year.

Once you get there, you will notice straight away that the beautiful view is one of its strong points. This place offers a beautiful cityscape of Tokyo Bay. This place has been one of my favorite places ever since I visited, there are so many places to explore and various kinds of entertainment for everyone, you really won’t have enough time to visit all of the places in one day!

Odaiba is fairly close to the busiest station in Tokyo, Shinjuku. If you get the train in Shinjuku it will only take about 30 minutes to get to Odaiba. Once you are on the train, you need to leave from the ” Tokyo Teleport” Station (Rinkai Line). Of course, this isn’t the only way, there are a lot of other ways to go to Odaiba. However, the most famous one is using the computer controlled train line, the “Yurikamome line”. On this train, you will be able to get a glimpse of the city view of Tokyo Bay, as well as the famous “Rainbow Bridge”. The history of Rainbow Bridge is actually very intriguing, the bridge was calculated to be built at exactly the right height because of how close it is to Haneda Airport, as well as being tall enough for ships to pass through.

The bridge is white to match the sky in Tokyo, but at night it becomes illuminated with 4 different colors; blue, green, yellow and red. However, if you go during different seasons, you will be able to see that the colors in the summer tend to be cool-toned colors, while in the winter it is changed to more warm-toned colors. Interesting, right? I wonder what colors they’ll be when you visit? Another interesting fact about Odaiba is that in its original construction, it was consisting of 7 islands, while today, there are only 2 islands. If you look in the direction towards the Rainbow Bridge, you will be able to see the remaining 5 islands. Each island has a distinctive shape and location.

Odaiba is a really beautiful area that Tokyo has to offer, I recommend that you go with your family and friends to share the memories together. One interesting note to make is that Odaiba is also known to be the to-go spot to go on a “date” with someone. So next time you have a date, you already know where to bring them!

Now, here is a list of the places that you can explore in Odaiba!


1. Venus Fort



If you are looking for a truly fascinating shopping center, Venus Fort is the perfect spot! You will be able to find a variety of stores inside of this place inspired by a Medieval European Village. Aside from that interesting little fact, you will be able to shop in various stores, make a wish in the fountain in the main area, enjoy performances also held in the main area, and have lunch or dinner surrounded by the Europe environment. The unique features of the buildings will make you feel like you took a trip to Europe, even though it’s only for a little bit of time.

Another interesting gem that you can find here is a vintage car museum. This exhibition is located within an area that showcases various aspects of the history of Japan. This can really make you feel that you stepped back in time. You will be truly amazed by this place!

Here it is the website of this place: https://www.venusfort.co.jp/multi/index_e.html


2. Fuji TV Building 



This place is the Fuji TV channel’s main address. Some of the programs that you see on TV is recorded in this building, but aside from that, the Fuji TV building has many other attractions as well. One of these being the big spherical ball on the upper part of the building. This is the “Hachitama” Spherical Observation room where you will be able to see the whole area of Tokyo in a 360-degree, panoramic view of Tokyo Bay. This place is located on the 25th Floor, which is approximately, 100 meters from the ground, leading to a breathtaking view of Tokyo. Up there, you will be able to see the many other tourist-friendly areas of Tokyo from above.

Another fun place that you can visit within the building is the “ Mezama Sky” area, located on the 24th floor, you will be able to go inside of a set and experience what it’s like to be on set at the morning informative show “Mezamashi TV”. You are allowed to take plenty of pictures and see autographs of the many famous guests that appeared on the show. Not to mention, if you feel hungry, they have a Fuji TV Mall located on the first floor, that includes many cafes, restaurants, and stores! This place is a great spot to visit for the holidays!.

Here is the website to the Fuji TV Building for visitors!: https://www.fujitv.com/visit_fujitv/1f.html


3. DiverCity Plaza 



This is popular for being “the place” to go for any of your shopping needs. This mall has shops that vary from apparel to various restaurants, with many of them holding a beautiful view of Odaiba through the windows. This place was created with the intent of creating a “Theatrical City Space”.

This mall is also very foreigner friendly as there are many stores and services prepared to assist any questions or concerns that may arise during your shopping experience. One thing that might peak your curiosity is the huge “Unicorn Gundam Statue” in front of DiverCity Plaza. This statue has attracted many fans of Gundam and people curious to pose for photos with the unusual statue. This statue makes many performances, and from time to time this exhibition is illuminated while many of the Gundam theme songs play in the background.

DiverCity is a really good place to have a day full of shopping and then unwind with dinner while you take in the magnificent view of Tokyo Bay.

Here it is the website of this place: https://mitsui-shopping-park.com/divercity-tokyo/en/


4. Decks Tokyo Beach



Decks holds most of the entertainment pit stops in Odaiba. At first, their design of the mall was inspired to be like that of a ship, with its wooden floor bringing a slight rugged vibe. It is inside Decks that you will take most of your photographs of Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay because it is the perfect spot to get a full-on view of both.

The first spot we’ll discuss is located inside of Decks called, “MADAME TOUSSAUD’S TOKYO”. Madame Toussand’s is a museum that is famous for its realistic wax statues of famous artists or celebrities that are made all by hand and to exact detail. Madame Toussaud’s isn’t originally from Tokyo, but there are various museums around the world with the one in Odaiba holding many international celebrities, as well as famous Japanese models and singers as well. Madame Toussaud’s Tokyo is located in the Island Mall 3F at Decks. The tickets can be purchased on the same day, and the prices vary between ¥1,400 yen to ¥1,800 yen. If you come here make sure you bring a camera to take a selfie with your favorite celebrities!

Another fun place located inside of Decks is the “Tokyo Art Museum”. You will have the chance to experience 3D artwork illusions inspired by the art during the “Edo Era”. The place is located in the Seaside Mall 4F at Decks. So aside from the fun experience, you will also be able to see how life was in Edo Era! There is even a haunted mansion with plenty of funny characters! The tickets are sold for ¥1,000 yen for adults and ¥600 yen for children. It is an amazing and unique experience that you can enjoy with people of all ages!

Finally the most exciting of all the attractions inside Decks, Joypolis!

Joypolis, an indoor amusement park, was created by the Sega Company, known for many of its popular games! If you think that because Joypolis is inside of a building, that this would create many limits for an amusement park, but you are mistaken! This place consists of 3 floors, and on the first one, you will see a roller coaster that passes through the entire park! Going further into the amusement park you will see many of other unique attractions, from exclusive rides to haunted houses! This place is recommended for people of all ages! The ticket costs 4,300 yen for adults and 3,300 yen for children. As for my experience, it was really worth the price! When I went there with my family and friends, we had so much fun that we didn’t even notice the time passing by! I recommend you go there with comfortable walking shoes and be prepared to have a lot of fun!

Those are only a few of the places that you can explore inside Decks, there are still many other museums to see, shops to find, and even a Legoland. Decks has a variety of restaurants and shops, that all together create an amazing place to enjoy a good time! But if you do decide to go there, I would recommend for you to stay until it begins to get darker so you can also enjoy the illumination, “Odaiba Illumination Yakei”, where you will see 40 trees and 200 meters of pure magical lights! This creates a truly an unforgettable experience!

Here it is the website of this place: https://www.odaiba-decks.com/en/


Odaiba a Charming Place in Tokyo


Odaiba is an enchanting place! The beautiful view of the bay and the combination of the sea with the Rainbow Bridge creates a delightful view! The next time you hang out with your friends and families, go on a date with a special someone, or decide to explore and create your own experience in Tokyo this is a fascinating place to explore!