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Ideal for Telework! The “Wearable Bag” Jacket That Neatly Stores Your PC, Battery & Cables! Pre-order Now!

By Guidable Writers Oct 17, 2022

What kind of work style is currently encouraged at the company where you work?
With the outbreak of the new coronavirus, many are turning to “telework” (or remote work) instead of coming into the office.

A Shift to Telework in Japan

According to a Japanese government survey, the telework implementation rate in Japan has increased from 10.3%, recorded as of December 2019, before the new coronavirus epidemic, to 32.2%, or one in every three companies, as of October 2021.

Many of you reading this article telework daily, but where do you work?
Or, where would you like to work if you are not teleworking yet?

There are a variety of options for where you can work. The most common is at home, but many people have problems such as; “at home, I can’t concentrate because the TV or bed tempts me” or “my family is also teleworking now, so I can’t concentrate on my work alone”.
Other options besides home include cafes, coworking spaces, Internet cafes, and hotels, but I think many people work at “cafes” other than at home. (I am writing this article in a café right now.)

Working Remotely in Cafes Is Great, But…

telework in cafe

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Cafes are my favourite places to work, as they are often well-equipped with Wi-Fi, drinks and food are readily available, and there are few temptations such as TVs, making them ideal for concentrated work alone.

Even working in such a wonderful cafe, I have had a few problems. For example, when going to the restroom.

When going to the restroom in a place, it’s hard to know whether to take your PC with you or leave it on the table, right? Naturally, you don’t want to take your PC to the restroom because it gets in the way, but you also don’t want to be worried that your PC might be stolen while you are away from your seat.

Even though Japan is said to be a safe country, PCs are expensive, and people who store their login passwords for net banking and other important work information on their PCs may face enormous difficulties if their PCs are stolen. With that in mind, I always take my PC with me to the restroom.

A product that solves this problem of working in cafes is now available on the crowdfunding site “Indiegogo” for pre-order! The product is a “Wearable Bag”.

Wearable bag button

At first glance, it looks like a simple jacket, but it is not just a jacket.
This jacket is a “bag” that can hold not only smartphones, mobile batteries, cables, and other small items but even a PC!

Product Features of the Wearable Bag

1. Abundant storage capacity

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Image credit: Mikle Corporation

There are five pockets inside for storing notebook PCs and all cables and two pockets outside for small items such as handkerchiefs.

2. Silhouette that does not lose its shape

wearable bag back slit

Image credit: Mikle Corporation

The “Wearable Bag” has a deep, large slit in the back. This is not mere design.
Simply having a large pocket on the back of the bag would look bulky if you kept a hard object such as a notebook computer in the bag. It would create a protruding rectangular shape as if you were carrying a chopping board on your back. But with a large slit in the back, the fabric opens to the left and right and wraps around the object placed in the back pocket to hide its shape. It is as if nothing is in the pockets, and the silhouette can be maintained without deformation.

3. Built-in straps like a backpack

wearable bag straps

Image credit: Mikle Corporation

When carrying a heavy PC or other items on your back, you can put your arms through the internal straps to stabilize and comfortably carry the load as if carrying a backpack.

Wearable bag button

4. Simple and minimalist design

wearable back for telework beige

Image credit: Mikle Corporation

Despite the Wearable Bag’s storage capacity, all the chest and left and right flap pockets often found in ordinary jackets have been eliminated to create a sleek design. And to keep the minimalist design throughout, all button holes have been removed and replaced with simplistic snap buttons. The colour of the stitching on the buttons is different from that of the outer fabric, which adds a subtle accent to the minimalist design.

5. Wrinkle-resistant & washable = Easy care

wearable back for telework side pocket

Image credit: Mikle Corporation

FORMOZA© Twill is used for the outer fabric.
This fabric is smooth to the touch and has a refined lustre and solid twill. It can be hand-washed or machine-washed in a net. It doesn’t wrinkle easily, so it is easy to take care of.

Simplify Your Telework Session With the Wearable Bag

What do you think? It is hard to believe that this simple jacket can hold so much luggage, right?
With this, you can go to work at a cafe empty-handed without a bag, and if, for example, your luggage is overweight at the airport when you go on a trip, you can conveniently solve this problem by transferring your luggage to the Wearable Bag.

If you are interested in learning more about the “Wearable Bag”, you can register your email address to receive a 40% off coupon when it goes on sale, so why not sign up?

Check the crowdfunding for the Wearable Bag here. Now Live!!

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