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Musashikoyama shopping street (Shinagawa)

By Guidable Writers Dec 6, 2015

Musashikoyama ( 〒142-0062  Japanese:東京都品川区小山3丁目23−5, English: 3-23-5 Koyama, Shinagawa, Tokyo)  is one of the most famous street of stores in Tokyo.


Also this is the longest arcade as a unit of shopping street which has roof. The length is 800m.

(The longest arcade which has several roofs but one street is in Kagawa: 2.7km.)


Since 1947, just after the world war two, the union of cooperative for shopping street of Musashikoyama had been established.


It has many events such as

・Hero show

・Lottery (Prize example : ticket for 500yen catching game / 10,000yen coupon)

・Christmas decollation

・Summer festival


It has both shops that are local and nationally famous.

I will introduce some local shops that you cannot find in famous places such as Akihabara, Shibuya etc.



Name: King and strawberry. (Ousamato strawberry : [Japanese] )

It is a local and long lasting sweet shop.

You can try 60cm tall parfait which is 2300yen. Going with freinds!



Name: Laox( )

This is electric shop which you can find tax free products.

Very famous in nation and popular in tourists.


Name : Zeitaku Senbei ( [Japanese])

It is a Japanese fried and baked sweets shop.

You can find tasty Senbei (fried sweets, bit salty and sweet ) which goes good as a souvenir.

The sweets you can find in this shop had been prized from the Prime minister in 1994.








(Left: craft shop     Right: interior & furniture shop)

Those locals shops have good tastes.

They are located their more than 20years as far as the writer know, since the writer is from this town.



(Shoes shop)                                                                                     (Eat stand or take out Yakitori )


You can find so many local shops which support local people.

If you walk along the shopping streets, you will notice one thing which is the biggest different point.

People who shopping are almost elder people.

Musashikoyama shopping street is in the middle of down town. So that users are mostly people who live there. On the other hand, Shibuya, Shinjuku, in those big towns, people who you see are people who come from other town mostly.


There you can feel life of Japanese people. So it is strongly recommend if you visit there at the weekend or night in week days.