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Nakanobu Shoutengai -Skip Road-

By Guidable Writers Dec 20, 2015


This shoutengai is close to 3 train lines:

1.Toei Asakusa Line

2. Tokyu Ikegami Line

3. Tokyu Oimachi Line.


The major stations people can go from those train lines are Gotanda station, Oimachi station, Shinbashi station and Asakusa Station.


The Nakanobu shoutengai is located down town of Tokyo where the access to city is very good.


Good access attracts people to live the place, and there is one more thing which attracts people. Shoutengai.


Nakanobu shoutengai looks very antique with quite old-ish aspect shops.


The entrance drives you to an old time since like middle 1980s.

People who live around Nakanobu shoutengai look a part of shoutengai.


KIMG2348 KIMG2357



But that is different feeling you get when you see people in Shibuya.

Because almost everyone in Shibuya don’t live Shibuya. People come for shopping, business, dating etc.




On the other hand, people you find in Nakanobu shoutengai live there. And Shoutegai is place to do shopping. People purchase items they need for everyday lives and things people don’t but in Shibuya like vegetables, meats, fish etc.



And Nakanobu shoutengai locates close to Hatanodai shoutegai ( which was introduces before here ). Between those two shoutenagi, there is one big shrine: Hatagaoka Hachiman Shoutengai.




The shrine has long history since 1030, when the time of Shougun was on the way to conquering the people, he standed his flag in the area which presently the shrine is built.




And the shrine is Uzigami Shrine which means the shrine which protect people from bad things.


People go there in the Obon( middle of August) and on the new day to show their appreciation for the daily lives they can have in the place.

The shrine also dissolves in people’s lives.


The area is really good place to observe Japanes people’s everyday lives.