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The Best Second-Hand Furniture Shops in Kawagoe!

By Guidable Authors Feb 18, 2021

The process of moving out in Japan is never easy. Even if you have come to Japan for a bachelor’s degree, a post-graduate program, or even to work, moving out is a heavy strain on the budget. Unlike Tokyo, the options to buy second-hand furniture in Kawagoe are limited. Thankfully there are a few reliable options around the area.

Where to Buy The Best Second-Hand Furniture In Kawagoe

Even if the options are limited, the variety is great. Having purchased second-hand furniture myself from these stores, it was such an experience wandering around looking at the cute ways you could decorate your room or your living room for an affordable price. Check out these stores if you live around the Kawagoe area and want to save some money on furniture!

1. Hard-Off group (ハードオフ)

Best second-hand furniture, Hard-Off

Hard-Off Kawagoe Imafuku Store

834-1 Imafuku, Kawagoe, Saitama 350-1151
Telephone – 049-249-2811

Hard-Off Kawagoe Shinmeicho Store

350-0823 Saitama, Kawagoe, Shinmeicho, 7−19
Telephone – 049-225-1077

The Hard-Off group consists of many specialised brands for all your second-hand shopping needs!. Hard off in itself focuses on second-hand electronics varying from audio and music equipment, personal computers, cameras and many more. One of their other brands Off- House (オフハウス)  specialises in second-hand furniture, home appliances, sports and outdoor equipment. 

Not to worry both Off-House and Hard-Off are found in the same store to make your shopping trip convenient and easy! There are 2 Hard-Off stores in Kawagoe, both accessible by one bus from Kawagoe station.

If you are close to Kawagoe, there is another Hard-Off store in Sakado, accessible by the Tobu Tojo line, just walking distance from Wakaba Station.

Hard-Off Sakado Store

3 Chome-4-1 Chiyoda, Sakado, Saitama 350-0214
Telephone- 049-280-6211

The quality of their second-hand items is a major part of their brand, but if you are still concerned, Hard-Off offers 6 months to one-year warranties on all home and electronic appliances!

Hard-Off’s other brands include Hobby Off for hobby supplies, Garage Off for car supplies, Mode Off for fashion items and Liquor Off. Unfortunately, most of these stores are found around Tokyo. Check out this article if you want to know about second-hand furniture shopping in Tokyo.

You can find out more details about items and find the stores closest to you by checking their website. There is also an option to purchase smaller items such as electronics online. You can access their online shopping site through this link.

Treasure Factory (トレジャーファクトリー)

Best second-hand furniture, sofa

Treasure Factory Kawagoe Store

350-0031 Saitama, Kawagoe, Kosenba, 938ー22F
Telephone- 049-247-8866

Treasure Factory Tsurugashima Store

350-2203 Saitama, Tsurugashima, Kamihiroya, 40-7 2F
Telephone – 049-279-5533

The Treasure Factory stores may seem small, but they are packed with only not high-quality second-hand furniture but various home appliances, electronics and clothes! There is nothing you can’t find for reasonable prices here. They also offer warranties for appliances ranging from 6 months to one year.

If you’re worried about the delivery cost, Treasure factory has many options to choose from. They offer a free light truck rental service for large furniture items. All you need is someone with a Japanese or international driving license, and you can get all the furniture delivered for free!

For those who do not have a driving license of any kind, Treasure factory offers its own delivery service, which is not a standard fee but is dependent on the area you live in. So the closer you are to the store, the cheaper the delivery cost will be!

The first Treasure factory is accessible by one bus from Kawagoe station and the second one is located close to Tsurugashima station, which is 3 train stops from Kawagoe station. You can check their website to get more detailed access to each store as well as their new arrival blogs to get your hands on the latest furniture, appliances and clothes that come in. If you want to know more about other second-hand clothes shops in Kawagoe check out this article.

Ready To Go Looking For The Best Second-Hand Furniture in Kawagoe?

Best second-hand furniture, inside the shop

If you are a student or someone who is only going to live in Japan for a couple of years and you want to get rid of all the furniture you bought, both Treasure Factory and Hard-Off offer selling services where you can sell your furniture or appliances to them.

Either you can take it to the store or opt for a business trip purchase where staff will arrive right at your door for no cost and assess the items if they are too large to be carried to the store. Of course, all the items go through a quality assessment procedure which will determine the price you pay.

Second-Hand furniture shopping is definitely an interesting experience, and it’s amazing how much you can get for an affordable price. Feel free to let us know if you have ever visited any of Kawagoe stores and share your experiences with us!


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