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Ticket Outlet

By Guidable Writers Nov 18, 2015

If you are searching cheaper ticket of train, night bus, concert, post stamp, etc
I recommend you trying looking into Ticket Outlet shops.






(Reference : Tickety)                                                                       (Reference : ACCESS TICKET)  

There are quite many ticket outlet shops can be seen in major station such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Tokyo, Akihabara , etc
And if you are struggling about the place to go in Japan, that is good place to decide next spot. Because there are music, museum, and many types of tickets of entertainment places. You can pick up the one that takes your attention!

However the problem is , not sure if there is staff who can communicate in English.


There is also special discount ticket. For example, there is 2% discount ticket for Electric items. If you will buy very expensive item which price is 300,000 yen , you can get 6,000 yen.
Also, if you buy bullet train ticket, you will get approximately 1,000 yen discount.
You can get about 1~5% discount for quite many things, for books, music, rice, beer, Disney land etc


Try and get discount there!


There are so many ticket outlet shops so I will tell you how you find one


There is always address beside the letter of “住所” so paste it and put it them on the google map. Then you can find the shop on the google map!


金券ショップ 住所