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Useful Japanese Medicine to Buy From Your Local Drugstore

By Devy May 11, 2022

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Japanese medicine is well-known around the world for its effectiveness and fast-working action.

But, have you ever had trouble choosing the right medicine when you needed it? It can be difficult to do so, considering that the functions, ingredients, and side effects are all written in advanced Japanese. 

Find The Best Japanese Medicine to Help Soothe Your Symptoms

Below are some of the best medicines to help you with your sickness and recommend some helpful supplements from the drugstore. 

1. Esutakku Eve Fine EX (エスタックイブファインEX) for Colds

This drug relieves symptoms of the common cold, such as fever, cough, and runny nose, and is proven to be quite effective. This drug has become a household name and can be found in every household to help deal with flu symptoms when they appear.

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2. Travelmin Family (トラベルミン ファミリー) for Motion Sickness

If you plan on going for a long-long drive with your loved ones, this is the right medicine to help reduce motion sickness. Travelmin Family is a great medicine for sharing with your family that is suitable for kids. Make sure to always have it in your bag, and make traveling by car effortless!

3. Chondroitin ZS (コンドロイチン zs) for Joint Problems

Chondroitin ZS is largely marketed for its effectiveness in treating joint problems and is believed to be able to overcome joint issues with a higher concentration of chondroitin.

4. Doxin JO (ドキシン錠) for Muscle Cramp

If you have muscle cramps or inflammation, Doxin is the perfect medicine to help reduce the pain caused by tense muscles. Doxin can relieve muscle aches, pain from impact or injury, and any aches caused by sleeping in an uncomfortable position. 

5. Loxonin S (ロキソニンS) for Headaches

Loxonin S is a relatively quick and effective drug to help deal with headaches. This drug has become a favorite among Japanese people for its effective fever and headache pain relief. Not only is it fast-acting, but it doesn’t have that troublesome sleepy effect.

What’s more, its small size makes it easier to swallow for those who have trouble taking medicine orally.

6. EVE Quick (イブクイック) for Headaches and Cramps

Similar to Loxonin S, EVE Quick also is very effective for treating fever and headaches. Even better, EVE Quick is also a favorite among those looking to relieve other pain such as toothache. However, it is particularly marketed as a painkiller for cramps during menstruation. 

a photo of the japanese medicine eve quick in a drugstore

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7. Inochi No Haha (命の母) for Menstrual Cycle

Talking about the menstruation cycle, another recommendation for combatting menstrual pain is the famous Inochi No Haha. This drug relieves pain during menstruation and treats ailments associated with the menstrual cycle. Inochi No Haha is also effective for treating menopausal conditions and is marketed as a treatment for ailments such as hormonal imbalances and anemia, among others.

8. Gaster 10 (ガスター 10) for Digestive Issues

Gaster 10 is used to deal with digestive problems, helping to reduce pain, relieve heartburn and provide a calming effect for a troubled stomach.

9. The Guard Kowa (ザ・ガードコーワ) for Digestive Issues

The Guard is believed to improve the performance of your intestines and digestive system. In addition to restoring digestive function to normal, this drug can improve the quality of your digestion for the better and helps eliminate bloating or other prolonged digestive problems.

10. Selbelle (セルベール) for Digestive Issues

Selbelle concentrates on healing the bloat, improving the quality of the stomach lining, and reducing digestive pain. However, Selbelle focuses more on protecting the digestive system than recovering from despair. Therefore, you can have this as a supplement to improve and preserve your digestion. 

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11. Lopera Mac Satto (ロペラマックサット) for Diarrhea

Focused on relieving the symptoms of diarrhea, Lopera Mac Satto can help relieve the symptoms of diarrhea by relaxing gut muscles and promoting the absorption of water into the intestine. However, don’t forget to check the uses and side effects of this drug before taking it.

12. Biofermin (ビオフェルミン) for Diarrhea

While Biofermin may not be as quick as Lopera Mac Satto in taking care of diarrhea, this drug effectively reduces the frequency and severity of diarrhea, reducing the likelihood of severe effects. 

13. Byurakku (ビューラック) for Constipation

Byurakku is an excellent remedy to help overcome the problem of constipation. This drug can effectively stimulate the stomach to work its secretions properly without harming the digestive system. Following the instructions based on your symptoms, it is essential not to exceed the written instructions on the label. 

14. Aftach A (アフタッチ A) for Ulcers

Aftach A is a drug that is very effective against ulcers. This oral medication is used by attaching a patch to the ulcer to help get the medicine directly to the source, making it easy to use and great for those who cannot take medication orally.

15. Rohto V11 (ロート V11) for Tired Eyes

Rohto V11 is medicine for your eyes. It provides a cooling sensation and effectively treats red, sore, or watery eyes. It is every family’s favorite, and most people have it in their medicine boxes and make sure to carry some everywhere. 

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You Can Find All of This Useful Japanese Medicine At Your Local Drugstore

You can easily find all of these medications in any Japanese drugstore. However, when taking them, make sure to follow the instructions with caution!

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