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Things to Do During Rainy Days in Japan cooking

Things to Do During Rainy Days in Japan

By Devy Oct 21, 2021

Winter is coming soon! As we are now beginning the transition to winter, Japan has been experiencing many rainy days. 

Pre-arranged activities are having to be re-organised as a result of sudden rain. 

This can be very troublesome if a very important plan is cancelled.

How to Spend Rainy Days in Japan

For those of you who don’t know what to do when it rains, Guidable has some suggestions for what you can to do while #havingfun!

1. Handicrafts

Things to Do During Rainy Days in Japan handcrafting

Pexels, Pixabay

These days, handicrafts have become a prevalent trend among people spending their time at home. A lot of people have successfully found business ideas or come up with decoration inspiration from handcrafting at home.

Now, it’s your turn! Handcrafting is the idea of making something creative using simple materials on your own. 

There are a lot of things you can do with handcrafting. Here are some of them: 

Used Clothing

You can start by handcrafting your unused clothes! You can take them from your closet and re-design them into brand new, unique, and valuable styles. 

Nowadays, the trend of remaking jeans has seen some hype amongst many handcrafters. People try to upcycle their old jeans and make them something fresh and trendy. 

Handcrafting with old clothing will definitely bring out your creativity, and who knows, you may be the one who creates a new trend! 

There are a lot of creative clothing handicrafts on the internet. You will be able to find one or two exciting videos and start your own clothing handcrafting! 

Things to Do During Rainy Days in Japan crafting

Pexels, Pixabay

Fabric Handcrafts

The next one is slightly different from the previous section. This is when you do handcraft from using new cloth! 

First, you must have new, unused cloth. You can get this from a fabric shop and choose your favorite pattern for your material of choice. 

Next, you can choose what kind of clothing you want to make. Handkerchiefs, skirts, face towels, or scarves are some of the favorite fabric handcrafts! 

These kinds of fabric handcrafts are great for you or your loved ones. That way, you will be able to enjoy a fun activity at home, and then you can even sell the end product!

Item Handcrafting

Item handcrafting means collecting materials from the old things around you. This is also one way of being sustainable by creating zero waste from unused things. 

The materials can be as small as children’s toys that are no longer used to used blankets, or used bottles. You can make something new and unique, whilst also creating a means of having fun creating with your little one.

There are many 5-minute handcrafting ideas from the internet; you can also search for daily life hacks to guide you towards making some exciting handcrafts to brighten up those rainy days! 

2. Netflix

Things to Do During Rainy Days in Japan netflix

Pexels, Cottonbro

This is the easiest way to kill time on a rainy day. Recently, there have been a lot of good TV shows or movies on Netflix that can act as a go-to to kill time. 

Here are some Netflix program suggestions you shouldn’t miss out on:

Squid Game

The first one is Netflix’s most recent no.1 TV program. Squid Game is a thriller TV series with a touch of drama that is made up of a total of 9 episodes. 

For those of you who like thrillers, Squid Game is a must-watch for this weekend. 

Its popularity is unquestionable, as it has now become Netflix’s most popular series, with a total viewing of more than 111 million viewers! 

A perfect go-to for the upcoming spooky season, right? 

Charlie’s Angels 

There is no better way to bring up the old times than watching Charlie’s Angels

Charlie’s Angels is a TV series from the 70s about women spies eradicating crime and mysteries.

You can start by watching the Charlie’s Angels TV Series before moving on to the Charlie’s Angels films; Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle, and the newest Charlie’s Angels movie starring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska. 


Maid is also currently trending on Netflix, following the famous Squid Game. Maid tells the story of the struggle of a mother who tries her best to provide a decent life for her child and so is willing to do anything and therefore ends up becoming a maid.

This story touches the hearts of many fans and is one to look forward to with episodes every week.

You should not miss out on the Maid series, as it is a great option to warm up a cold rainy day outside. 

3. Cooking Something New

Things to Do During Rainy Days in Japan cooking

Pexels, Ella Olsson

The next suggestion is to cook some new recipes! For those stuck at home, cooking something unique for your loved ones will always be a top choice. 

As it is now the autumn season in Japan, chestnuts are one of the favorite cooking ingredients to use. There are plenty of ideas on the internet for turning chestnuts into your favorite dish. 

Another way is to follow creative, healthy cooking recipes, as a chance to step into a healthier lifestyle. 

Someone once said that cooking could never be bland, as it is also a means of bonding for you and your loved ones while making something new. 

Even On Rainy Days, There Are Still Interesting Things to Do at Home!

As mentioned above, there are several exciting ideas for turning your dull rainy days into a meaningful and wonderful time. 

Moreover, not needing to spend as much money by staying at home and spending your time at home with your family or friends is always a plus. 

You can post your at-home activities online to inspire other people to keep #havingfun while #stayingathome during the coming rainy days. 


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