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[Travel] On the Cheap by The Seishun 18 Ticket

By Guidable Writers Aug 10, 2016

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If you love traveling by train, you might have heard of Seishun 18 Kippu (Ticket). Seishun means youth in Japanese and it is mainly issued for youth people, however, adults are also accepted even though. The one-day unlimited rides tickets are available for all JR Trains/Ferry except Limited Express, Limited Express includes Bullet Trains, and JR Bus. Because the tickets are on sale/valid during school is out, and that is why people think these tickets are only for students. The users are sometimes called “18 Kipper (18 Kippu Holder)” on the internet. The tickets are included in Japan Rail Pass and non-Japanese “18 Kippers” have been increasing these days. If your friends will visit Japan, you can travel with them by Seishun 18.

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(Reference: Wikitravel)

– Available for Local / Rapid Trains and Miyajima Ferry

You can ride non-reserved seat at Ordinary car of all JR Local / Rapid Trains and Miyajima Ferry without limit for a day. There are 5 tickets per binder and you may use these tickets both 5 times a valid period and by a number of people at the same time. Because they are not accepted at automatic ticket gate, you have to pass manned ticket gate. You can also transfer many times from 12:00 a.m. (0:00) to 12:00 a.m. on next day (24:00), however, the last train which is operated after 24:00 is an exception. Even though Green car is not accepted, a Green ticket is occasionally required if you want to get on non-reserved seat at Green car. It is mainly available at Tokyo area.

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(Reference: Wikitravel)

– But Unavailable for Bullet Trains, Express Trains and Buses

Seishun 18 accepts trains which cost only a fare, and you can’t ride bullet trains at all because they are all express even though lots of non-Japanese residents admire and are interested in them. Tokyo Monorail, a member of JR East and JR Bus are not accepted neither. However, it is chance to travel by local lines. Some lines have only single-track, or operating by diesel car. If you live in big city like Tokyo or Osaka, you might be able to enjoy the difference and nostalgic scenery.

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(Reference: The City of Miyoshi)

– Tickets On Sale

Seishun 18 is sold three times a year; spring, summer, and winter break of schools. Tickets are available at JR ticket office called “Midori no Madoguchi” (The Green Window), JR travel center, manned JR stations, etc. You don’t have to produce your passport to buy tickets, but need to be careful that they are unavailable on the internet. However, you might be able to get the tickets by mail if your place is far from JR stations. The validity and sale period are announced every time and you can check them on JR website. If you can’t use all tickets, you can get refund only for unused tickets (refund fee is required). The tickets have only adult fare (children have to pay the same fare). Slow down, and enjoy exploring all over Japan. More info; www.jreast.co.jp/e/pass/seishun18.html.


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