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an autumn image of komoro castle ruins, famous in this castle town

A Trip to Komoro City, Nagano for Castle Ruins, Onsen and an Authentic Japanese Culture Experience

By Alex Gray Nov 12, 2020

While Karuizawa might be the first place that comes to mind in Nagano, Komoro City is a best-kept secret. Castle town Komoro is authentic in its Japanese Culture with old castle ruins, quaint streets, hot springs, and delicious traditional soba. 

Relax in Komoro City, Famous For Castle Ruins, and Experience Japanese Culture


Komoro is a quiet, delicate city, somewhere to travel to when you want to find peace. It is a relaxing atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas. A countryside town to visit when you want to calm your heart and mind. Enjoy the slower pace of things, eat soba, go on a winery tour, take in the breathtaking view of the night sky, lit up with the bright stars. 

Enjoy delicious food and fresh vegetables grown locally in Komoro. Soba noodles are very famous in Komoro, and you can find many soba restaurants with their own special noodle delicacies, not found anywhere else. Komoro is a must for soba lovers! You know the soba you get here will be special. The noodles are homemade, kneaded, and cut with the most care. Try delicious wine and nihonshu. You can rent a bicycle and cycle to Manns Winery to join winery tours and taste the locally produced wine! 

Travel on foot to Komoro Castle ruins Park Kaikoen, where you can see the remains of the gates and the stone walls. The garden is a beautiful place to visit throughout all seasons and is particularly stunning during the cherry blossom season, and the autumn leaves season. 

Komoro boasts eight different hot springs sources! Find the hot springs popular with the locals, long-established onsen with weekly repeaters, and those with a spectacular view. Visit different springs during the day or stay in a Japanese Ryokan with a hot spring bath and experience the delicious, natural soft water.  

For adventurous types, visit the mountain and climb Mt. Asama in the warmer months and take the slopes for skiing in winter. The nearby ski resort is well-known and popular with pro skiers! You can enjoy other snow sports such as snowshoeing! 

Getting to Komoro is easy from Tokyo, and it only takes one hour, 30 minutes. The city is close to Karuizawa, about 20 minutes away by car, and is cheaper too! This makes it a great place to visit on the way to Karuizawa or as a cheaper alternative nearby. 

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Imagine sleeping in a cottage in the woods, surrounded by the serene forest. Relax in the comfortable, cozy cottage scented with wood. Furnished in Japanese washitsu style with tatami and a kotatsu (heated table), you can experience Japanese living. With everything you need in the cottage, you can relax at your own pace, without needing to be disturbed. 

The cottage is your own private space, visit with your family or friends, and enjoy your own time, just how you like it. Bring some ingredients and cook your meals in the cottage; in the summer, you can BBQ with the BBW rental set! Come for a vacation or even a work-cation! With Wi-Fi access, you can work remotely from your own personal woodland haven. Wake up early and take in the fresh morning woodland air during a morning walk, ready to refresh for the day ahead. Walk to the nearby orchard for apple picking or go on a short 10-minute drive for other fruit pickings throughout the year. Other nearby experiences include fishing and walking. 

If you are looking for your own private space in Komoro, a cottage surrounded by nature by not try Hutte Lied, an Airbnb Superhost with many sparkling reviews!  

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Choose Seiunkan For A Unique Cultural Experience

Seiunkan is an old farmhouse accommodation that thrives on creating a bond between travelers and local people. Staying here provides unique cultural experiences you can’t miss! Find out what the real Japanese country life is like while taking the time to relax and refresh.

What Makes it Great!

1 Local produce

The owner is a chef and provides delicious meals for the guests at Seiunkan. All the meals are prepared with care and use local produce. Taste the difference with fresh vegetables produced nearby, prepared as soon as they are harvested. Eat seasonally and try the local delicacies in their most flavoursome and ripe!  

2 Food education

Not only do you get to eat delicious delicacies, but you can also learn about the properties of the ingredients and all about food prepared locally according to traditions. This is a wonderful way to communicate with the local people and experience the local culture.

3 Art in residence

Seiunkan collaborates with artists, musicians, performers, illustrators from all over the world. They open exhibits to show various works, and host Superhost review art experiences on Airbnb. Join craft workshops and learn how to make local Japanese folk arts. 

4 An accommodation amidst idyllic nature 

Experience nature while staying in the beautiful countryside. Learn about environmental protection and landscape conservation. Visit wineries, fruit orchards, and mountains nearby. 

5 Not just an overnight stay

You can enjoy and exchange of culture!

Seiunkan is a one-stop experience! Relax in an old farmhouse while learning about local food, culture, and customs. Try local Japanese experiences you would never usually try. The farmhouse is full of character; it’s a comfortable place that feels homely. Visiting here will be so special you will want to come back again and again. In fact, they have many repeat guests that like to go back in different seasons. Each season brings new delicacies to try and new cultural exchanges to experience. 

If arriving by train, you can contact the hour in advance, and they will provide you with a transfer from Komoro station. 

Seiunkan welcomes you and is awaiting guests interested in Japanese culture, who want to try local Japanese food and learn about Japanese cultures. Travelers who are ready to try a unique travel experience will find want they want at Seiunkan. 

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Experience Japanese Culture, Castle Ruins, Onsen and more in Komoro

The Komoro Tourist Agency has created an English map for non-Japanese travelers to help them get around full of helpful tourist information. Maps are available for the area surrounding the station and the mountain trail area. 

Both accommodations follow the Nagano Prefecture authorities’ precautions for reducing the spread of the New Coronavirus, so you can travel with ease of mind! 

an autumn image of komoro castle ruins, famous in this castle town

To find out more information check out the tourist page here.

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