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The Best Accommodation in Nagano Ski Resort Hub, Hakuba Valley

By Guidable Writers Sep 29, 2020

If you like winter sports, then you’ve probably heard of the Nagano ski resort Hakuba. Hakuba valley in the Northern Japan Alps is a village famous for being the host of the 1998 Winter Olympics and is a popular winter sports resort. There’s so much to do and see in Hakuba, and not all of it is winter sports!

Hakuba Valley, a Popular Ski Resort Hub

With just a quick ride away from Tokyo, Hakuba is in an excellent location for winter sports lovers looking to go on a trip. The fastest way from Tokyo is to travel by shinkansen bullet train to Nagano, and a bus from there to Hakuba. This only takes 3 hours. The cheapest and easiest route is a direct bus that departs from Shinjuku that only takes around 4,800 yen one way.

Getting around in Hakuba is a breeze with shuttle buses from the station to popular ski resorts, English speaking staff, and informative English travel information booklets. The Hakuba tourism office does its best to help make Hakuba into a resort that international travelers can enjoy. Conbinis (コンビニ, convenience stores), restaurants, and ski resorts are all in one compact area in Hakuba; they have everything you need!

The Winter Delights of Hakuba

Before introducing a great place to stay, let’s look at what there is to do in Hakuba. In the winter season, Hakuba thrives! Hakuba has nine ski resorts, 135 lifts, and over 200 runs. It benefits from plentiful snowfall and beautiful powder conditions that bring snowboarders and skiers from all around. Not only snowboarding and skiing, but visitors can also enjoy snowmobiling, telemark skiing, Nordic skiing, snow rafting, heliskiing, and snowshoeing.

After a day on the slopes, wind-down in the scenic Japanese onsen (温泉, hot springs). Relax your muscles in the deliciously hot open-air baths and enjoy the snowy view. Not only does it feel great, but the minerals in the water are also famous for their healing properties. Or maybe release your muscle tension with a massage or spa. If you would rather be out and about, enjoy the Japanese izakaya bars. Delight in local meats and vegetables from Nagano at the Japanese restaurants or go for some international cuisine such as pizza, Chinese or Korean food.

Hakuba Mountain Chalet

At the end of your active day, you want a place to stay that leaves you feeling refreshed the next day. The Hakuba Mountain Chalet is a cozy accommodation with absolutely breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Reformed a few years ago when it became the Hakuba Mountain Chalet, the interior is clean and comfortable. The cleanliness of the chalet is something that stands out, as told by the previous guests. The chalet has a fantastic rating of 9.7 (out of 10) on and 4.89 (out of 5) on Airbnb. Have you ever stayed in a place with such high reviews!? How could you say no to a stay at Hakuba Mountain Chalet?

An Amazing View!

The view from the chalet is a sight you will never forget. From outside the chalet, enjoy the spectacular view of Mt. Hakuba and the snowy mountains. It is exceptionally beautiful on a crisp winter morning with a mug of hot cocoa, and a view of the hills are covered in brilliant, white snow. Take a moment to enjoy a purple sunrise with a backdrop of the Hakuba mountains.

The chalet is in a convenient location, just 15 minutes walk from the station. Transfers to and from the station can be requested in advance and are dependent on availability. The chalet is within 10 minutes drive from the closest ski area, Happo-One Snow Resort, and shuttle buses are available in the village. You might even be able to catch a ride with the friendly chalet staff. Access around Hakuba is so easy and convenient you won’t find yourself stranded. As the chalet is in a residential area, it’s peaceful and quiet, so you’ll get a good night’s rest. The chalet is a wonderful, private space to relax and be soothed by the small gurgling stream nearby.

Plenty of Amenities

With three bedrooms, the Hakuba Mountain Chalet is a home away from home. Travel in a group of 6 and have the whole place to yourselves. Enjoy your own private time and plan your trip however you like. The chalet has a bathroom with a shower and bath, or you can visit one of the onsen nearby for a soak before bed.

There is a kitchen where you can make group meals and have a home party with your friends. In the winter months, get comfy and warm-up with a tasty nabe (鍋, hot pot) dish. In the warmer months (May to late October), enjoy a BBQ outside and soak up the sun on the terrace. The supermarket is just 3 minutes’ walk away where you can buy your ingredients. Or walk through the village to sample the nightlife and eat dinner in the restaurants available. The washing machine is a handy addition for travelers planning to stay more than just a few days. The toiletries and towels provided means you can travel lighter and have more room for all your snowboarding gear.

Half-Price Rafting!

Winter sports are not the only thing you can enjoy in Hakuba! In the summer, you can go walking, climbing, horse riding, biking, indoor skateboarding, and rafting. Imagine rafting down idyllic, Nagano waters. Well, now you can because one of the chalet owners is also a rafting guide!

Guests of the Hakuba Mountain Chalet get a guided rafting tour half-price. Take a 2.5-hour time and travel 5km down the Himekawa river in a seven-person boat, plus guide. All you need your swimming costume; everything else is provided! Our recommendation for rafting is in May when the river and riverbanks turn pink from the blooming cherry blossoms! If the Hakuba weather is looking cloudy, don’t worry because rafting can be enjoyed in the rain.

If you are looking for more suggestions for things to do, there’s always the sea! Just one hour away is a sea town with delicious sushi and an excellent beach for surfing. Hakuba has mountains, rivers, and even the ocean for a full-on nature adventure. For the more indoor-types; spas and onsen, there are craft and cultural activities to enjoy. Soba making, tea ceremony, glass making, and more!

Who’s up for Visiting Hakuba Valley, Nagano’s Famous Ski Resort

While famous for its skiing, snowboarding, and other water sports, Hakuba has a little something to please everyone. Not just in the winter season but in the warmer months, you can travel to Hakuba and have a wonderful time. And during your visit, where could be a better place to stay than Hakuba Mountain Chalet. Have a leisurely holiday in the chalet, enjoy private time with your friends and family.

For more information check out the Hakuba Mountain Chalet website or click the button below.