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Exploring Japan’s Otherworldly Love Hotel Stays

By David Kamaly Apr 11, 2023

Picture this – you wander into a hotel, and you’re blown away by the unbeatable prices and the stunning, otherworldly accommodations. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Welcome to Japan’s Love Hotel accomodations, where every stay is a unique adventure that will leave you with lasting memories.

What is a Love Hotel?

Love hotels are a uniquely Japanese phenomenon that began as a discreet place for couples to escape for romantic rendezvous and now have evolved into much more than that.

Today, these hotels are often decorated with elaborate themes and designs that transport guests to another world, such as a fairy tale castle, a spaceship, or a Hollywood movie set. This article will focus on the otherworldly aspects of Japan’s Love Hotels.

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Hotel Brugge

The Hotel Brugge in Chiba is a sight to behold, with a design that looks straight out of a classic European movie. The level of detail in the architecture is truly awe-inspiring, with artisans brought in from Italy to recreate the ambiance of a medieval European palace. It’s not surprising that the hotel is frequently used as a location for TV dramas.

Price: Overnight price ¥12,500.
Location: Google map
Website: https://www.hotel-brugge.jp/

Hotel Luna

Ever fancied yourself something extra fabulous? Something more Disneyesque? Then you should head on over to the “Disney castle” in Ibaraki called Hotel Luna! If you book Room 102, you’ll be in for a real treat. There is plenty of space adorned with a sense of luxury, such as the high-class decor of the room itself to, finally, a private sauna. Other features included are a massage chair to cure all kinds of bodily aches and pains and your own beer server. There is also a ginormous, golden 9-inch stiletto that you can actually hop into and have a bath inside!

Price: Overnight price Mon-Thur & Sun is ¥8,900. Fridays are ¥10,900. Saturdays are ¥12,900.
Location: Google maps
Website: https://ibaraki-luna.com/

japanese love hotels corridor

Photo credits: Canva.com

Hotel Baron Club

Imagine having your own private indoor pool right in the comfort of your hotel room! Well, imagine no longer as Hotel Baron Club offers just that for the low price of ¥15,180 for an overnight stay. That is quite a lot more expensive than the others on this list; however, they do offer two whole floors all to yourself. 

Price: Overnight price ¥15,180 during weekdays. ¥17,160 during weekends.
Location: Google map
Website: https://happyhotel.jp/hotels/6200448/rooms/312

Sweets Hotel Chocolat

If you’re a sweet-toothed traveler staying in Shibuya, you must check out the Sweets Hotel! This place is a haven for anyone with a sugary craving. In room 301 you’ll find a chocolate bath waiting for you, as well as a cozy bed made entirely out of delicious chocolate madeleines. All guests have access to a free karaoke room, so you can sing your heart out while enjoying your chocolatey paradise. So whether you’re a chocoholic or just someone who appreciates all things cute, Sweets Hotel indulges your sweet desires.

Price: Overnight price ¥16,900 from Sunday-Thursday. ¥19,900 on Fridays and Saturdays.
Location: Google map
Website: https://shibuya-sweetshotel.com/

Hotel Blan Chapel Christmas Narita

Suppose you are landing in Narita or leaving Narita, then Hotel Chapel Christmas is a perfect treat. It is a love hotel entirely Christmas themed all year round, complete with decorations such as Santa Clause and candy canes. Despite being open throughout the year, the hotel provides a unique opportunity to experience Christmas even in the middle of summer, and the best part is located near Narita International Airport.

Price: Overnight price ¥7,690
Location: Google map
Website: https://hotel-chapel-christmas.jp/

HOTEL Us Keibajo

If you have ever wanted to take the doctor-patient role-play to the next level, look no further; Hotel US Keibajo has you covered. This unique love hotels take on the common fantasy trope has been completed with a whole hospital wardroom and rental “costumes” to boot! There is a lot of attention to detail that cannot go unrecognized and will most likely “inject” you and your partner with excitement.

If the hospital room doesn’t tickle your fancy. In that case, the very same love hotel also has another room that is decorated to look and feel like a typical Japanese classroom with all the expected furnishing.

Price: Overnight price is ¥7,300.
Location: Google map
Website: https://www.hotel-us.jp/keibajo/

Hotel UFO

If stargazing is one of your favorite pastimes, then you are in luck because there’s a love hotel shaped like a UFO in Chiba! Hotel UFO is out of this world with its retro vibe and affordable prices for a comfortable stay. But it gets even better – you can pay for your stay by loading up a tube with cash and shooting it through the air (toward the reception desk) like a superhero! Plus, this hotel is super inclusive and welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community.

Price: Overnight price is ¥5,500 on weekdays. ¥8,000 on weekends.
Location: Google map
Website: https://www.hotenavi.com/hotel-ufo/

love hotel

Photo credits: Canva.com

Hotel Renaissa

This hotel is all about spoiling you with its glow-in-the-dark murals, outdoor and indoor Jacuzzis (complete with inflatable massage beds), and other luxurious amenities. If you’re feeling a bit daring, you might want to check out the Fetish Room with its swing, cage table, and fancy spa bath. For those who love to dress up, the Cosplay Room is the perfect pick. And if you’re into in-room refreshments, you’ll be pleased to know that room 401 has its own mini bar.

Price: Overnight price is ¥9,530 from Sun-Thursday. Friday ¥11,110 and ¥12,680 on Sundays.
Location: Google map
Website: http://www.renaissa.net/

Have You Ever Stayed in a Japanese Love Hotel?

Love hotels in Japan are plentiful and discreet; the staff rarely want to interact with you directly. So whether you’re a local looking for a place to spend time with your partner, or a curious traveler interested in experiencing a unique aspect of Japanese culture, love hotels are definitely worth checking out.

With their wide range of prices and offerings, love hotels cater to a diverse clientele, and you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and preferences. So don’t be shy – be curious and look around! You never know what hidden gem you might discover.

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