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Top 5 Places to Visit in Chichibu, Japan

By Guidable Authors Aug 24, 2022

There are so many incredible places to visit in Chichibu city. Chichibu, surrounded by mountains and greenery, makes for a paradise for people who love nature. People who visit Chichibu can experience superb scenery, enjoy local food, and many more activities all year round. Since there are so many points of interest so close to one another, it’s easy to cover many places at once.

This article will introduce you to some of the best places worth visiting in Chichibu for you to add to your bucket-list!

Most Recommended Places to Visit in Chichibu

Ashigakubo Icicles

The Ashigakubo Icicles are amazingly beautiful. Ashigakubo is one of the main places to see icicles in Chichibu. Although the icicles appear to be a naturally frozen waterfall, they are a man-made ice landscape. These icicles are a combination of nature and the creativity of people.

To create these gorgeous-looking icicles, locals constantly spray water over the valley and trees. This expansive ice landscape has many different points of attraction and is a great spot to take many fantastic pictures. When sunlight touches white icicles, the whole icicle starts to glisten like a crystal waterfall. They hold a light-up event on weekends and holidays and create colorful illuminations.

Places to Visit in Chichibu, Japan. Ashigakubo IciclesPhoto credit: Author 

Visitors can have a great experience during the daytime and at night. When you visit this place, you can enjoy the free drinks they offer (sweet non-alcoholic amazake and green tea).

Opening hours: 09:00–16:00 (On weekends and holidays until 19.30: Light-Up Event)
Price: 400 yen (Light-Up Event 500 yen)
Nearest station: Ashigakubo Station
Address: Ashigakubo, Yokoze, Chichibu District, Saitama 368-007
Website: ashigakubo-icicles
Telephone: 0494-25-0450

Misotsuchi Icicles

The Mistsuchi icicles are one of the most well-known and oldest icicles in Chichibu. These icicles are part of a naturally frozen stream originating from the Arakawa river. Located in Oku, Chichibu, a little distance away from the Ashigakubo ice pillar.

These icicles are much more natural than the icicles in Ashigakubo and the best time to visit is from early January to the end of February. Like the Ashigakubo icicles, the Misotsuchi icicles have a light-up event that visitors do not have to make a reservation to see.

Places to Visit in Chichibu Japan Misotsuchi IciclesPhoto credit: Samitha Dissanayake

Opening hours: Early January to late February (Light-up 17:00-19:00)
Price:  200 yen
Nearest station: Mitsumineguchi station
Address: 4066 Otaki, Chichibu, Saitama 369-1901
Telephone:  0494-55-0707

Saitama Prefectural Museum of Nature

When you plan your trip to Chichibu, don’t forget to visit the natural history museum in Nagatoro. The Saitama Prefectural Museum of Nature was founded in 1921 and is one of the most popular places to visit among local people in Nagatoro. This museum is dedicated to the history of nature and science.

Places to Visit in Chichibu, Japan Saitama Museum of Natural HistoryPhoto credit: Author 

Visitors can learn about the history of the Chichibu region and can see many skeletons and fossils of Jurassic period animals and many other animal replicas. A fascinating display in this museum is the replica of a megalodon. Many fossils displayed in this museum have been found in Chichibu prefecture and show the millions of years of history found in Chichibu.

Opening hours: 09:00-16:30
Price: Standard: ¥120, Senior High School/University Student: ¥60
Nearest station: Chichibu Railway Kami-Nagatoro Station
Address: 1417-1 Nagatoro, Chichibu District, Saitama 369-1305
Telephone: 0494-66-0404

Nagatoro (Arakawa River)

After you visit the Saitama Prefectural Museum of Nature, the next closest spot to visit is the Nagatoro riverbank. It is a few minutes away from the nature museum. Nagatoro river is most well known for its famous Arakawa River ride. Visitors can ride the boat from the middle of March to December 5th and the best time to visit this place is from summer to autumn.

things to do, arakawa, saitama, japan, chichibuPhoto credit: Canva

When you visit the Arakawa river between September to November, you can see colorful Autumn leaves while riding the boat. It is an excellent experience for anyone who likes a little bit of an adventure. Visitors don’t have to make reservations, and no entrance fee is required (aside from the boat ride). This place is worth visiting and is highly recommended if you are visiting Nagatoro. 

Opening hours: 09:00-16:00 (boat rides out of operation from December 5th to March 9th every year)
Price:  Adults: 3,300 yen, Children: 1,600 yen
Nearest station: Nagatoro Station on the Chichibu Railway
Address: 489-2 Nagatoro, Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama
Website: www.chichibu
Telephone: 0494-66-0950

Tsukihoshi Momiji Park

Tsukihoshi Momiji Park is where many local and foreign tourists come to see beautiful autumn leaves in Chichibu prefecture. This park and the whole of the Nagatoro region are colored up with beautiful autumn foliage during the autumn season.

Places to Visit in Chichibu, Japan Tsukihoshi Momiji ParkPhoto credit: Jamie Nakamura (Pixabay)

The best time to visit this park is from the end of September to early November. Just like many other ‘Momiji parks’ in Japan, Tsukihoshi Momiji Park also has a stunning light-up event at night. Since this park is closest to the Nagatoro section of Arakawa River and the Saitama Prefectural Museum of Nature, you can add this place to your bucket list when visiting Nagatoro in Chichibu.

Opening hours: 05:00-21.00
Price: Free
Nearest station: Chichibu Railway Kami-Nagatoro Station
Address: 947 Nagatoro, Chichibu District, Saitama 369-1305
Telephone: Unavailable 

Where Will You Go In Chichibu?

These are a few of the best places to visit in Chichibu, and there are more awesome places you can see. The remarkable thing about Chichibu is that visitors can experience different activities each season. To find out more traveling and tour destinations tips click here. 

Romini Ranasinghe

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