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Discovering Our Top 5 Hidden Nature Spots in Tokyo

By Anisha Thapa May 24, 2024

Tokyo is well-known for its bustling metropolitan atmosphere, however, many people might not know about the coolest hidden nature places within the city where you can escape from your busy life. Here are our top five hidden nature spots in Tokyo.

Our Favourite Nature Spots in Tokyo You Might Not Know About

Here is our list of the best places in Tokyo to surround yourself with nature. Have you been to any of them? 

Todoroki Ravine Park

Todoroki valley, one of the best kept hidden nature spots in Tokyo

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Many people might not know about this hidden paradise of peace and beauty to escape the town and relax in nature. 

This 1.2-kilometer-long, 15-meter-deep ravine is a real hidden treasure, definitely one of the best secret nature spots in Tokyo. This beautiful park is located in Setagaya City, 20 minutes away from Shibuya, and it has several things to enjoy: a temple, a Japanese garden, a tea house, an old tomb, and even a hiking trail, where you can enjoy a calm walk and a lot of greenery. 

You emerge from the congested, busy streets into a cobblestone walkway that winds by a refreshing creek, past stately trees, and stands of enormous bamboo. For internationals who don’t understand the Japanese language, English-language information panels lead you through the key attractions. Don’t forget to stroll around the Japanese garden. 

The ravine is well-known for its breathtakingly colorful autumn foliage and its uniqueness. You may also enjoy the stunning view from the shrine nearby. There is a cafe that serves sandwiches and fruit juice in case you are hungry. 

The ravine is currently closed for maintenance, so make sure you check back in with Google Maps in a few months to see if the “Temporarily Closed” notice has disappeared.

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Seibu Ikebukuro Roof-Top Garden 

Seibu Ikebukuro Garden

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We all know Ikebukuro is an excellent place to hang out with friends and families for shopping, entertainment, and dining, but did you know that besides all this fun and crowds, it has a hidden nature spot that offers relaxation and greenery? 

This is a relatively small hidden garden located on the east side of Ikebukuro station, Seibu’s 9th floor. It features a variety of beautiful flowers, a small lily pond, and a fountain. This place is great for hanging out and spending quality time in nature. There are a few small food stalls with great options for snacks and drinks. You can find spaces to sit, like chairs around the fountain and benches near the garden area. 

The fascinating thing about this place is that around the time of a festival or event, they decorate the garden accordingly, for instance, during Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. Anytime is fine, but I especially enjoy visiting this place in the evening when the sun is setting, the stars are visible, and all the rooftop lights are turned on. When visiting Ikebukuro, I recommend stopping by this location if you admire snapping photography and the outdoors. 

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Higo-Hosokawa Garden

It is a gorgeous walled garden located in Bunkyo City, right in the middle of Tokyo, around 25 minutes away from Ikebukuro Station. 

Trails around the lake walk you through the area to enjoy the whole beauty of the place, that is why people love to call it an island of peace. Unlike most other gardens in Tokyo, this one is free to enter.

 It is a proper Japanese-style garden that offers you to see a lot of different greenery, fish in the lake, and stones arranged in the Japanese style. You can also enjoy watching Sakura bloom during spring and beautiful red leaves in autumn along the Kanda River. 

If you enjoy history, art, or other cultural attractions, there is a museum library of the Hosokawa clan inside the garden, and a few other attractions nearby, an art gallery for example. 

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Hotel Chinzan-So Tokyo Garden 

Hotel Chinzanso

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This is a Japanese-styled garden located in Bunkyo City, Tokyo, approximately 21 minutes away from Ikebukuro Station. Many people might not know about this beautiful hidden spot. 

The garden is accessible through the Hotel Chinzan-so, and it’s completely free to enter. I am sure this place will steal your heart because of its beauty and uniqueness. The garden is an excellent relaxation spot from Tokyo’s hectic streets and can truly provide you peace of mind at any time of the year. 

To enhance your experience, the well-kept garden boasts numerous fantastic elements and attractions, such as a walk behind the waterfall and fog. In the garden area, you can enjoy a three-storied pagoda, bamboo trees, a waterfall, fish in the pond, varieties of camelia flowers, cherry-blossom trees, orange trees, a red torii gate, a shrine, monuments, and many other interesting things. 

In Summer, you can even see fireflies around the riverside and in the garden. I highly recommend visiting this place.

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Suzume no Oyado Ryokuchi Park 

Comparatively, it is a small hidden park rich in greenery with an oasis of bamboo groove along with a nursing home yet it provides such a pleasant and fresh environment that you will forget you are in Tokyo as you wander through the bamboo forest. 

This beautiful hidden nature spot in Tokyo is located in Meguro City, about 30 minutes from Shibuya station. Unlike many other facilities in Tokyo, this is a place where children can freely spend their time. 

Since the park has many bamboo trees, there are benches to relax while enjoying the nice wind in the shade. I also suggest going to the nearby Himonya Hachimangu and Enuji Temple, as it is quiet and peaceful to walk around with fewer crowds unless it’s not festival time. 

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