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Mount Fuji Yoshida Trail: Tickets and Restrictions Starting July 1st

By Margherita Jul 8, 2024

With the arrival of July, the season to climb Mount Fuji is officially open. This year, for the first time, an entrance fee will now be required to ascend the iconic Japanese mountain. The Mount Fuji Yoshida trail in Yamanashi Prefecture is subject to new regulations to prevent overcrowding on this popular summer route.

Mount Fuji Yoshida Trail 2024: What You Need to Know

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There are four trails to climb Mount Fuji, on the Shizuoka prefecture side and on the Yamanashi prefecture side: Mount Fuji Yoshida trail sees more than 60% of all climbers. 

Last year, the climbing season experienced a significant surge in climbers as COVID-19 restrictions eased and international tourism resumed, leading to heavy congestion near the summit and issues with overcrowding and dangerous climbing behavior.

What Are the New Climbing Regulations?

Based on the concerns for safety and over-tourism, from July 1st:

  • A new entrance toll of 2,000 yen (plus a facultative donation of 1,000 yen) has been introduced.
  • The number of climbers accessing Mt. Fuji from the Yoshida trail are limited to 4,000 per day.
  • E-tickets can be bought in advance thanks to the creation of an online reservation system.
  • The gate at the fifth station of Yoshida trail is now closed from 4 PM to 3 AM.

Booking an Accommodation in Mountain Huts

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To prevent the practice known as “bullet climbing,” a new time restriction has been introduced that closes the trail from 4 PM to 3 AM. Bullet climbers typically start their ascent late at night to reach the summit by sunrise, much like the rapid pace of a bullet train. However, this method can be dangerous due to the lack of sleep beforehand, increasing the risk of altitude sickness, hypothermia, injuries in the dark, and congestion on the route.

To provide a solution to bullet climbing, climbers are strongly encouraged to book a mountain lodge for rest and meals before ascending the final part of the trail in the early morning. Those with reservations at mountain lodges are exempt from the new time restrictions. By presenting their reservation documents at the gate and paying the 2,000 yen toll, they can pass through at any time.

Booking a mountain hut is the only way to climb late and still catch the sunrise at the top of Mt. Fuji.

A list of mountain lodges is available here in Japanese only.

Be Safe: Climbing Etiquette

Water and food: Take short breaks every hour and bring enough food and water. There are some food/snacks and drinks available to purchase at mountain huts, but they become scarce higher up, so make sure to bring enough with you.

Gear: Wear appropriate clothing for cold and windy conditions at the summit. Layering is key. Sturdy hiking boots, a headlamp, gloves, and a rain jacket are essential. despite being the climbing season in summer, the summit of Mount Fuji can get low as much as zero degrees Celsius.

Final Tips for a Successful Mount Fuji Yoshida Trail Ascent

Climbing Mount Fuji, especially via the Yoshida trail, is a must-do Japanese summer adventure, but it requires proper preparation and needs not to be taken lightly.

The introduction of an entrance fee and the implementation of time restrictions from July 2024 aim to enhance safety, manage overcrowding, and overall make it a more enjoyable and safe experience for everyone.

Follow the climbing etiquette and the new guidelines, you will have a memorable and safe experience on Japan’s most iconic mountain.

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