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Here are 5 part-time Jobs Recommended for International Students

Here are 5 part-time Jobs in Japan Recommended for International Students

By Guidable Writers Apr 28, 2017

If you want to understand Japanese culture deeply, I recommend you to do part-time job which is called アルバイト ARUBAITO in Japan. In this article, I will introduce 5 part-time jobs depending on your japanese ability level.



5 Part-time Jobs Recommended for International Students



For Beginner Level


If your Japanese skill is beginner, you could work in a factory. There are many japanese companies employing various nationalities and Japanese women. You don’t need to have high Japanese ability because this type of work will only demand manual labor work most of the time and there’s a major demand mainly in most japanese factories.

Almost all japanese women are friendly, approachable and tends to talk with you in the workplace. So you can improve your Japanese abilities easily. My colleague worked in a food company for only a few months and his Japanese ability got better and better overtime.



For Intermediate Level


If your Japanese ability is intermediate, you could work in an international restaurant. There are a lot of international restaurants in Japan because international cuisine has gotten popular these days. Current restaurant staff are in shortage nowadays. You can definitely find a restaurant job easily. If you work over a long period of time, there’s a probability that you will cultivate and find more japanese friends during the course of your job.



If you cannot find any hiring restaurant then I recommend you find your way into many convenience stores. Almost all convenience stores are seeking contractual employees who can work during flexible hours especially midnight or graveyard shift. It might be hard for you to work as a convenience store staff for the first time because you will be obliged to do multiple tasks in the workplace far more than your expectation but you will get used to it over time.


If you can use English fluently, you could work as an English private tutor as well. Nowadays, many Japanese wants to be able to speak and converse in English. People like businessmen, students and kids. Thus everyone are looking for people who can teach and guide them in terms of conversational language in English as well as how to relate to other cultures and nationalities. English private tutors are able to earn a lot of money. The hourly wage rate will be over 2000 yen. This is also a win-win situation for both student and teacher because you can exchange information and knowledge and in return you can learn more about the japanese language and culture as well.



For Advanced/ High Level


If your Japanese skill is already advanced or business level, you could work as a sightseeing guide. A lot of visitors from overseas come to Japan these days. So the japanese local government are seeking for people who can guide through japanese tourist spots. However the sightseeing guide has to have a deeper knowledge about these spots or locations. One should study Japanese buildings, arts, culture and history profoundly. This will also enable the person to learn more about the Japanese culture and environment.


Don’t forget to be eager and patient in finding a job that will be suitable for you. It might be difficult and challenging at first but I hope you could get great job and have a nice time while you are living in Japan.





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