5 Forbidden Things while You’re Working in a Japanese Office

Jul 14, 2017

5 Forbidden Things while You’re Working in a Japanese Office

If you’re planning to work as full-time or part-time employee in a japanese company, there are several basic rules you must follow. For those who are still students and do not yet have any experience as a member of the contributing society, you must know the importance of responsibilities and use the following hints as a reference before you start working.


Here are 5 basic rules and forbidden behaviours while working in  a Japanese company.


Absence without Permission/Skipping Work on Purpose


5 Forbidden Things while You’re Working in a Japanese Office


You must know that you get paid for your work. This means you have responsibilities at work and companies need to pay according to your work conditions. For instance, if you’re working at a restaurant and one day skip your work without telling your supervisor in advance, your boss need to find an alternative staff who can take over your shift immediately since people are working in shifts. Situations like this may lead your boss to loose their trust in you due to your irresponsible behaviour.



Chatting with your Friends at the Working Place


5 Forbidden Things while You’re Working in a Japanese Office


Excessive chatting and talking during work hours is not a sign of good behaviour in any company. Whether you are working in an office or a service staff, social conversations that are not office or work related is not allowed. Diligence in your work will show if you know how to prioritize and  focus on the job that has been given to you.



No Personal Calls using the Company Phone



Using company phones for personal chat is not allowed. Company phones are only for business related calls. In case of emergencies, please inform your superiors first before using any company-owned devices. For example, if you need to go to the hospital, or there’s a family emergency but other than important situations, you must never use the phone when your inside the premises of your work.



Bringing Home Supplies


5 Forbidden Things while You’re Working in a Japanese Office


While it maybe tempting to get freebies lying around the office, please be reminded that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable. Supplies like pens, pencils, file folders and stationery papers. Whatever the reasons, this is a form of stealing and is frowned upon. Remember that all equipment and supplies are all accounted for and they are to be used only within the bounds of business in the office. You might think this is not a big deal after all, but remember that if you can’t be entrusted with small things then there’s no reason you can handle huge, important ones.




Borrowing Money from your Colleagues


5 Forbidden Things while You’re Working in a Japanese Office


Borrowing for any apparent reasons, whether from your boss or your colleagues is not normal. To avoid getting into trouble and to keep a good relationship with everyone that you’re working with, keep your professional and personal life separate. If you are having financial problems, seek out help only from the people you trust and learn to maintain a professional level of relationship.


Remember, it takes a long time to build up trust but it only takes a second to destroy it.


These are simple tips you can apply and reflect upon while you work on improving your professional career in Japan. Japanese are well-known for their diligence and discipline and you must well-abide with the rules and regulations if you want to smoothly adapt in their environment. A good attitude goes a long way and if you are aware of the dos and don’ts of working in Japan then eventually you will adjust to the kind of business culture they have here.



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