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8 High-paid Job Chances to Work as English Teachers in Japan!

By Guidable Writers Nov 16, 2017

Are you looking for a part-time or full-time job in Japan? Many people choose to work at a convenience store or restaurant, and as we all know, the average wage is around 1,000 yen/hour for those jobs. However, if you can speak fluent English or you are a native English speaker, then congratulations to you—actually you deserve a better job as an English teacher! You may earn a higher hourly pay (sometimes up to 3,500yen/hour) while getting released from the hard and dull manual work. And for those full-time job seekers, English teaching is also a great choice because the starting wage is usually about 250,000yen/month compared to the average 200,000yen/month for most jobs aimed at university graduates.

Still hesitating about which jobs to apply? Well, here we will introduce you 8 of the latest part-time&full-time job information, with some of them providing special high wage to experienced English teachers. Just check the detailed information and apply for the jobs through the links below. Hope these jobs really fit your requirements!

Experienced Part-time English Teachers Wanted

Everest English School is hiring some experienced part-time English teachers. In a 2.5-hour class, 1 teacher teaches 3 students in a small group. To apply for this job, you need to live in Japan and have a working visa. And you must have more than three years teaching English experience, but you don’t necessarily to be an English native speaker as long as you have no accent. The school will offer a wage up to 3,500yen/hour after considering you to be qualified for this job.

Please make sure you meet all the requirements before you apply for this job.


Japanese: None

English: Native

Location: Bunkyo-ku

Wage: ¥1,500~3,500/hour

For more information about the job and how to apply for it please check at:  https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/555


Full-time English Teachers for Kids Wanted Across Japan

Yaruki Switch Group is looking for English instructors who are interested in teaching children in an interactive, fun and playful way through games, songs, and role-play like activities!

Opportunity to work in a wide range of locations across Japan (with flexibility for placement preferred during screening process.) Working experience with young children is preferred but not necessary, and no Japanese-language knowledge is required! What’s more, you can get Visa sponsorship, as well as initial training and support for accommodation. Earn a monthly salary of ¥250,000 with bonuses for renewal of contract! Apply for it now!


Japanese: None

English: Native Level

Location: Schools across Japan

Wage: ¥250,000/month

Please check more information about the job and apply for it at: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/545

Full-time Kids English Teachers with 10,000yen/day

Nursery Ui is currently looking for full-time English teachers for kids. You are not only required to teach kids English, but also do things like Meal Assistance• Taking a walk • Playing with kids! It’s all about helping them grow. Your first language is preferred to be English but it’s not a must. And those who could work on Monday~Friday (9001730) & sometimes on Sundays for events will be preferred. The wage will be on a daily basis at first as ¥10,000/day. And visa sponsorship and social insurance subscription will also be offered.



English: Native

Location: Ginza


Please check more information about the job and apply for it at: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/552

One-on-one English Lesson Partner for Females

byZOO Corporation is a one-on-one lifestyle English conversation school specifically designed for females between starter and beginner-level customers. If you prefer to work in a relaxing environment, this school might be suitable for you.

The company has branches throughout Tokyo, like Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Yokohama, Jiyugaoka, Futakotamagawa, Kichijoji. And if you can work at the new location, you will be highly welcomed.

Though at first you would be paid in an hourly wage, after you are confirmed qualified for the job, you would be turned into a full-time employee and a visa sponsorship is available!!



English: Native

Location: Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Yokohama, Jiyugaoka, Futakotamagawa, Kichijoji, Tokyo

Wage: ¥1,600 per 40 minute booked lesson and ¥500 per 40 minute non-booked lesson

Please check more information about the job and apply for it at: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/547


Kids English Teachers (University Students Preferred)

World Wide Wings Co., Ltd. is recruiting part-time kids English teachers, university students is preferable for this job. Especially if you are a university student from University of Tokyo, Waseda University, Keio University, Sophia University and Hitotubashi Univeristy, your will get higher possibilities to be hired.

You may also apply for this job even if you don’t have any teaching experiences, as training occurs on the job. What’s more, the job has subsidizations for flight tickets and accommodation, which is a great appealing point for foreigner employees, isn’t it?


Japanese: None

English: Business Level

Location: Tokyo, Meguro-ku

Wage: JPY 1,300-1,600/h

Please check more information about the job and apply for it at: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/538


Workday Shift English Teachers for Children Wanted

YOR Inc. is hiring part-time English teachers for small groups and one-to-one classes taught according to the students’ capabilities, needs and goals. Looking for people available on workdays afternoon (especially after 2:00 pm) and who are interested in teaching small children. Earn up to 3000yen/50min!

If you like working in a relaxed atmosphere and would like to help small children achieve their future goals, make sure to apply for this job!


Japanese: Conversational

English: Native

Location: Setagaya-ku

Wage: ¥1,800~3,000/50min

For more information about the job and how to apply for it please check at:  https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/550


Part-time English School Teachers (Business Level English Needed)

International Preschool Sophie is a cozy, atmospheric English conversation school which is currently looking for more staff. They aim to offer a high teacher to student ratio where both student and teacher can grow. And only business English level is required in this job. But the hourly pay can be up to 3,500 yen!

If you are able to work 3~5 days/week, 2~8 hours/day, please do not miss this great chance!


Japanese: Business Level

English: Business Level

Location: Suginami-ku

Wage: ¥1,300~3,500/hour(transportation fee provided)

For more information about the job and how to apply for it please check at: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/530


Work at Home! Online English Teachers Wanted

Want to teach English but always occupied with other jobs? Working place is too far away from home? Well, online English teaching will solve your problems! No matter you are now in Japan or not, you can apply for this job as long as you have a computer and a stable Internet environment. You can also choose to teach at anytime between 15:00~21:00 (JST) on weekdays, with 30 minutes for one class. Your students will be kids aged 3~12. Just try enjoying talking in English with little kids!


Japanese: Business Level

English: Business Level

Location: In-home working

Wage: ¥940~/h ※depends on your skill, there is a raise or incentive

Please check more information about the job and apply for it at: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/544


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