8 Urgent English Teaching Positions in Japan You Should Check Now!

Oct 20, 2017

Are you looking for a part-time or full-time English teaching position in Japan? Or, are you dissatisfied with your current job and eager to find a new one? Well, here we would like to recommend you 8 of the most urgent and high-paid English teaching job chances. Since these jobs are on an urgent recruitment, you might go through a quicker recruiting process and get hired and start your work within one or two weeks!!

Do not hesitate to check them up right now!

English Teachers for Children in Small/One to One Classes

Amies English School is recruiting some native English teachers urgently. Especially those who could start work in October would be preferred. The school is open only on weekends and after 4:00pm on week days, so you can work even if you have other work! And it offers a quite competitive wage as ¥1,800~3,000/50min. Want a high-paid job urgently? You shall not miss it!


Japanese: Conversational

English: Native Level

Location: Setagaya-ku

Wage: ¥1,800~3,000/50min

Please check more information about the job and apply for it at: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/550


Part-time English Teachers for Children Wanted in Kanagawa

If you happen to live in or near Kanagawa, this job might be suitable for you. The tinyHappy Garden International School is currently looking for part-time English teachers for kids aged 3-6 to lead our after school program Tuesday- Friday (3pm-5:30pm) and Saturday (9am-12pm). And if you not only love teaching kids, but also love playing with them, you would like this job, because it the daily activities include free play, art, cooking, music, dance, and outdoor play!


Japanese: Conversational

English: Native Level

Location: Kanagawa

Wage: 1,500 yen/hour

Please check more information about the job and apply for it at: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/549


One-on-one English Lesson Partner at byZOO Corporation

byZOO Corporation is a one-on-one lifestyle English conversation school specifically designed for females between starter and beginner-level customers. If you prefer to work in a relaxing environment, this school might be suitable for you.

The company has branches throughout Tokyo, like Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Yokohama, Jiyugaoka, Futakotamagawa, Kichijoji. And if you can work at the new location, you will be highly welcomed.

Though at first you would be paid in an hourly wage, after you are confirmed qualified for the job, you would be turned into a full-time employee and a visa sponsorship is available!!



English: Native

Location: Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Yokohama, Jiyugaoka, Futakotamagawa, Kichijoji, Tokyo

Wage: ¥1,600 per 40 minute booked lesson and ¥500 per 40 minute non-booked lesson

Please check more information about the job and apply for it at: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/547


Urgent Recruitment of University Students to Work as English Teachers

World Wide Wings Co., Ltd. is recruiting several university students to work as kids English teachers at their cozy English classroom. As long as you are a university student around Tokyo and confident in your English speaking, you are qualified to apply for this job!

You may also apply for this job even if you don’t have any teaching experiences, as training occurs on the job. What’s more, the job has subsidizations for flight tickets and accommodation, which is a great appealing point for foreigner employees, isn’t it?


Japanese: None

English: Business Level

Location: Tokyo, Meguro-ku

Wage: JPY 1,300-1,600/h

Please check more information about the job and apply for it at: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/538


Full-time Native English Teacher for Kids at Yaruki Switch Group

Yaruki Switch Group has over 1,300 schools throughout Japan, which means you could be assigned to the branch school either based on your preferences and what is deemed the best fit. The company welcomes applicants with native-level English, but NO Japanese is required. Since it offers visa sponsorship for full-time positions, whether you are now residing in Japan or not, you may apply for this job! Also, transportation reimbursements and housing assistance are provided.


Japanese: None

English: Native Level

Location: Throughout Japan

Wage: ¥250,000/month

Please check more information about the job and apply for it at: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/545


Full-time English Teacher for Children at NES Global

The school is now on an urgent recruitment of full-time English teachers for kids aged from 1-3. You need to teach the kids English as well as take care of them in English. Since the school offers a full academic programs to their students, you will get your abilities and skills developed through the teaching experience!

Visa sponsorship is also available for this job!

And if you come from an English native speaking country, you would be offered with a monthly pay up to 300,000 yen! Do NOT miss this precious chance!


Japanese: None

English: Business Level

Location: Tokyo, Setagaya-ku

Wage: 240,000~300,000yen/month

Please check more information about the job and apply for it at: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/542


High-paid Part-time English Teacher at Everest

The school is hiring some part-time English teachers urgently due to the business expansion. This is a part-time English teaching job with no Japanese requirement. It is suitable for those who enjoy teaching students in a small-size group, for 1 teacher only need to teach 3 students at a time. Each lesson lasts for 2.5 hours and the wage is quite decent, with a highest hourly pay up to 3,500 yen/h!

The job also prefers applicants who can commit long term (more than 1 year), so if you could make that, make sure to apply for this job!



English: Native

Location: Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku

Wage: 1,500-3,500 yen/h

Please check more information about the job and apply for it at: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/541


English School Teacher at International Preschool Sophie

International Preschool Sophie is a cozy, atmospheric English conversation school which is currently looking for more staff. They aim to offer a high teacher to student ratio where both student and teacher can grow. And only business English level is required in this job. But the hourly pay can be up to 3,500 yen!

If you are able to work 3~5 days/week, 2~8 hours/day, please do not miss this great chance!


Japanese: Business Level

English:Business Level

Location: Tokyo, Suginami-ku

Wage: ¥1,300〜3,500/h (Transportation fee provided)

Please check more information about the job and apply for it at: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/530


Check out more job information on https://jobs.guidable.co/

And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through: info@guidable.co.jp


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