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A Career in Japan: From Part-Time to Full-Time Jobs

By Tony Tao May 17, 2021

A Career in Japan: From Part-Time to Full-Time Jobs?

You’ve heard that the easiest entry into the country is teaching English in some capacity but, fortunately, there are numerous types of employment opportunities (from part-time to full-time jobs) in Japan beyond the typical. 

Let’s do a little matchmaking and figure out what type of job could work for you, based on what brought you (or what might bring you) to the land of the rising sun. 

This article will give you a brief information guideline about starting a career from part-time job (arubaito) and full-time jobs in Japan. 

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Let’s Have a Quick Look at Visas Before We Start

Find out more about some popular visas below.

Dependent visas – 28 hours a week maximum legal limit of work

Student visas – 28 hours a week maximum legal limit of work (exception for semester breaks – up to 40 hours per week)

For those two visas you will need to get a stamp on your card to work. This can be obtained when you first land into Japan / Tokyo or at the Immigration office.

Working Holiday visas – 40 hours a week maximum legal work limit (although it is not the intention for this)

You will generally have to apply for this back in your home country. There are some requirements for this – mainly to be between 18-32 years old.

Work Visa (Humanities, etc.) – 40 hours a week.

Spouse Visa – 28 hours a week maximum legal limit of work.

Do You Need to Be Able to Speak Japanese?

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Part-Time Positions in Japan

When working part-time, there are jobs that are extremely difficult to be hired alongside plenty of jobs that are quite easy to apply for, depending on how good your Japanese ability is. There is a sort of Baito Ladder that exists for foreigners in Japan. In other words, if you have “zero” Japanese ability, you first look for jobs in light industry such as factory jobs, and when you can speak some Japanese, restaurant or conbini jobs are waiting and then you gradually advance to white-collar ones.

Full-Time Positions in Japan

Many job opportunities in Tokyo demand Japanese language skills, mainly if the targeted customers are Japanese, or the workers will often be interacting with Japanese customers or clients.

The positions which don’t require Japanese skills are those with primarily foreign clients, those with only a few Japanese clients, high-level positions with a Japanese secretary to manage all Japanese interactions, or English Instructors. In 2020, with more straightforward requirements (check down below), many foreigners who can’t speak any Japanese are able to get full-time positions in 2020.

That’s not to say that Japanese isn’t required at all. Many businesses now cater to the needs of foreign residents and tourists in Japan, and the number of these customers is rising. This creates more jobs suited to foreigners who speak those languages. You still need to be able to communicate with your supervisor and coworkers and know at least the conversational Japanese level (N3 level is the new standard).

Part-Time Jobs – “Arubaito” (バイト) in Japan

Part-time jobs are an integral part of the economy, not only in Japan but throughout all over the world, and demand for a fluid workforce that can engage in short-term labour for an indefinite period of time can be found anywhere. 

The Baito Ladder

In Japan, working part-time has a common name as “arubaito” (バイト) including factory works, language teaching, service in Konbini – コンビニ (stores like 7-11), or restaurants/bars, and so on. In Japan, generally, working baito is very likely to be meant for supporting financing during their stay in this country. Moreover, through part-time experiences, foreigners can catch up with Japanese vocabularies and conversational skills, which are extremely necessary for one to apply for a full-time job. In Japan, there is a sort of “Baito Ladder” that exists for foreigners, you can check out FULL information here, the article contains “what-you-need-to-know-first-of-all” about finding part-time jobs in Japan.

The Average Hourly Wage of Baito

According to the most recent national survey conducted in August 2019, the national average hourly wage of working part-time is 1,045 yen. As of June 2020, the average hourly wage for the three major metropolitan areas (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka) is 1,083 yen per hour. You can check all about the average wage and the minimum wage in Japan here

What Part-time Positions Are There For Foreigners?

In this article, we provide the types of jobs in Japan for foreigners that you can apply to. Here is a big list of part-time positions of Guidable Jobs – a reputable service that connects Japanese companies looking for able workers with foreigners interested in working in Japan.

  • English teacher. Check out our special English teaching job offers here.
  • Hotel staff
  • Cleaning staff
  • Restaurant/Cafe staff
  • Constructions
  • Traffic guard
  • Nursing care

Special Offers on Guidable’s Part-Time Jobs

【Tokyo】Multilingual Operator in a Call Center (Japanese: N1/N2)

part-time jobs in japan

Salary: ¥1,500/hour

Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo

English Level: Conversational

Japanese Level: Business Level

Status: Must have valid work visa or permission to work; visa can be sponsored

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【Tokyo】Part-Time Guards at Construction Sites

part-time jobs in japan

Salary: Daily salary ¥10,100~15,000/day or Night shift ¥13,000~18,000/day

Location: Tokyo All Areas

English Level: None

Japanese Level: Conversational Level

Status: 18 years and older with permission to work

Justice Support Inc., is the security guard company which provides safe and secure and contribute to the society. We have made results with liable high security service and create future.

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Full-Time Jobs in Japan

Easier Requirements for Foreigners Now

A lot of Japanese companies often want to tap into the growing foreigner market in Japan now. Japanese companies are hiring many foreigners straight from Japanese school, university programs that teach in English, and visitors in-country on tourist or working holiday visas. Hundreds of foreigners whose Japanese proficiency is not at the (unreasonable) levels expected previously are getting jobs today. The biggest problem now is that companies are hiring foreigners, putting them in charge of marketing, sales, or programming, but really not knowing what to do with them in general.

Social welfare and financial prosperity in Japan are reflected in high salaries in both the private and public sectors. The National Tax Agency report shows that a person working in Japan typically makes about $4,320,000 ($40,353) a year. Do you know what the highest paying jobs are in Japan? Check the top 8 here!

What Full-Time Positions Are There for Foreigners?

In this article, we provide the types of jobs in Japan for foreigners that you can apply to. Here is a big list of full-time positions of Guidable Jobs – a reputable service that connects Japanese companies looking for able workers with foreigners interested in working in Japan.

  • English teacher. Check out our special English teaching job offers here.
  • Event Supporter
  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • Office Worker
  • Customer Services
  • Constructions
  • Guard
  • Driver
  • Restaurant/Hotel/Cleaning Staff
  • Nursing Care

Special Offers on Guidable’s Full-Time Job in Japan

【Nationwide】Full-Time English Teachers

english teacher japan

Company: Yaruki Switch

Salary: ¥250,000~/month

Location: Tokyo, Chiba, Aichi, Osaka, Sendai

English Level: Native

Japanese Level: None

Status: Must currently be residing in Japan and eligible to work; visa can be sponsored

Yaruki Switch Group is a comprehensive education group that operates with the philosophy of “Individual Approaches for Individuals”. We have developed a network of over 1,700 schools and counting all throughout Japan and overseas as well!
We are dedicated to finding the inner “jewel” within each and every child of the world, and providing our full support to make that jewel shine; supporting and helping them to achieve their dreams by unleashing their unlimited potential.

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【Aichi】Full-Time Ramen Restaurant Crew

full-time jobs in japan

Company: Umaya Ramen Haruhi Restaurant

Salary: ¥250,000~/month

Location: Kiyosu, Aichi

English Level: None

Japanese Level: Conversational Level

Status: Must have permission to work and experience working in a restaurant and/or customer service

HALU Corporation runs Tonkoku Umaya Ramen is characterized by its pork bone soy sauce soup.
It is a popular brand with about 30 stores in the Tokai area, and sales have increased for three consecutive years.
You can work at a local ramen restaurant that has been loved for a long time without overtime.

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A Career in Japan: Part-Time or Full-Time Jobs, Which Is for You?

Starting a career in Japan? Grab a pack of knowledge and start from part-time to full-time! We’re going to update our Special Jobs offer list (part-time and full-time) in this article every week! So stay stunned and check out Guidable – the place for job seekers in Japan!

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