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Are You a Nursing Care Worker Wanting to Make a Change in Your Job?

By Alex Gray Sep 2, 2020

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Are you a nursing care worker in Japan and looking to change to a different care facility? Maybe you have recently received your certification or qualification and are looking for somewhere to work? Learn more about changing jobs as a care worker and find some great job offers in this article.

I’m a nursing care worker but I want to change facilities

There are many reasons why you might feel the need to change jobs. Maybe you are looking for higher pay, you might be moving and need to find a care facility close to your new house, or maybe you had personal issues with someone you worked with. These are all popular reasons to want to change jobs. So now you know you are ready to move on, what is the next step?

Why work as a care worker?

First of all, you might want to revisit the reason you wanted to start work as a care worker and this will help you find the right care facility for you, one that shares your values.

Do you love working with people and want to make a difference in someone’s life? Has a family member inspired you to become a caregiver? Everyone has their own motivations and values and it’s a great idea to choose a job placement that makes you feel comfortable.

There are so many reasons to be a care worker in Japan. The results of the Fiscal Year 2018 Survey of Nursing Care Workers (Japanese) show that 67.2% of respondents felt that there is a shortage of caregiving workers in long-term care services. The survey also revealed that caseworkers who worked with foreign workers were less anxious than those who did not and that they have positive impressions of the workplace. Working with non-Japanese caregivers “makes the workplace more lively” and “the care receivers are happy”. This survey clearly shows that more care workers are needed and that fellow caregivers and importantly, care receivers both enjoy your company! Why would you not be a caregiver?!

When is the best time to change jobs?

The same survey also states that people working in nursing care are staying longer, there are fewer turnovers. But this doesn’t mean the jobs are decreasing. In fact, while turnover is decreasing, the personnel shortage is still increasing. The nursing care industry is in a state of flux with many job openings throughout the year due to the shortage of care workers. As Japan’s population continues to age, the number of people who need nursing care will continue to increase. So you can change jobs any time without much worrying about the season. Now is a great time to change jobs are more mentors are available after teaching new-hires in April. Also, the overall rush in the workplace is often calmer.

How can I look for a new job?

It can be difficult to know where to look for a new job. If you want to look for a job online, we have many care worker jobs registered on our Guidable Jobs website. We have positions available throughout Japan, aimed at workers with different levels of experience.

Guidable Jobs currently offers nursing care posts in Tokyo, Aichi, Toyama, and more are available every week! There are jobs in nursing facilities and home carer positions. In most instances, the salary received will depend on your qualifications and experience so if you have a Home Helper Qualification or a are Certified Care Worker or Registered Nurse your pay will be higher! Each job offers different benefits such as housing allowances, annual bonuses, commute fees, holidays, and more!

As well as job type, you can search by location (city and prefecture), Japanese level, and keywords too, so it’s easy to find the job you are looking for.

When you find a job you are interested in from the information on the search page, click through to look at the job in more detail.

With company information, job details, requirements and benefits, you can find everything about the job on the Guidable Job description page! The job information page even has pictures so you can see the atmosphere of the workplace!

With Guidable Jobs all you need to do is sign up, enter your information, and past employment information then you can apply! The employer will contact you for an interview if you pass the screening.

Apply for nursing care worker jobs on Guidable Jobs below!

Change Jobs as a Nursing Care Worker

The need for more care workers in always increasing in Japan’s aging society. If you are unhappy with the position at your current facility, you are sure to find a new job that is a better fit for you! If you are a nursing care worker and are ready to change jobs, we’ve got you covered! Don’t forget to keep checking back on the Guidable Jobs website to find the newly updated positions.