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Are You Satisfied with Your Job?

By Guidable Writers May 21, 2020

If you are working in Japan, you might have faced difficulties caused by a language problem.

Improving your Japanese will make it easier and more comfortable to work in Japan and even bring a great chance to boost your career. 

About Human Academy

Human Academy is a well-known Japanese school. Their first campus was established in 1987 and is now supporting many foreigners in Japan to study Japanese. They provide lessons with active communication and through their vast experience, and thus they can live up to their students’ expectations.

High Performance

With their unique and sophisticated lessons, Human Academy helps a lot of graduates to pass the JLPT and be successful in their careers. They also deal with Japanese corporate education and teach Japanese to foreigners in Japanese companies, from which they are highly appraised.

For more information about the school, please request a brochure from the banner below


<Business Japanese Course>

This course is for foreigners working in Japanese companies. The content includes basic business manners and conversation, telephone expression, writing business mail, preparing Japanese CVs, and job interview practice. Build up your Japanese from “Daily Conversational Level” Japanese to “Business Level Japanese”!


<Group Lessons>

This course is designed for study in practical daily conversation and business conversation in a small number of students (3-5 students) group. Students can study what they want intensively in a short period. New requests for small classes such as company training are welcome. Various curricula are available.

<JLPT Preparation>

JLPT N1 & N2 Special Courses are designed to enhance students’ Japanese language skills quickly through intensive training.
As the JLPT is widely recognized as the standard examination to assess Japanese skills, having a JLPT qualification will bring you more opportunities to get a better job.

※Human Academy also provides many other courses including group and private lessons.
For more information about the course, please request a brochure from the banner below


Human Academy has several campuses in Tokyo, and one in Osaka and Saga. Please refer the pictures of campus below and you may want to choose which ones to visit! Thankfully, ALL their campuses are placed in close by from stations! You may save your stresses from walking long way from stations all the time!

Human Academy not only manages offline classrooms, but also online courses are popular around this time of social circumstances.
By visiting the website of Human Academy, you may want to start with free trial and master Japanese from speaking, writing to the reading and listening. There are many people who quit learning languages just not because they are lazy but do not have chances to front the environments you have to continue. Set goals and be the one who you want to be!

For more information about the campus, please request a brochure from the banner below

Are you interested in Human Academy?

Online classes are now available (¥30,000/month~), and you are welcome to join free trial lesson! For more information, please request a brochure from the link below.

There are 4 things why you want to take Human Academy online course!

1. Comprehensive program
Human Academy courses does not limit your language literacy and even boost up by providing all(conversation, reading and writing).

2. Professional teachers
There are tons of online courses you can take, but if you are using your precious time to learn, get taught by professionals and acquire Japanese ASAP!

3. One-to-one basis
The lesson will be held one to one, so you do not need to worry about your Japanese level and your own ways of learning!

4.  Free Trial Lesson
We understand that you are not willing to pay if the lesson is worthless, so take free one first and decide whether you want to continue!

Thank you so much for your attention and interest! We are always your side to help you!