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Hiring! 9 Fresh English Teaching Vacancies!

By Guidable Writers Jan 15, 2018

Living in Japan with working-holiday visa and searching for a full-time/part-time employment or dreaming about working in Japan yet not having a visa? Not speaking Japanese and facing difficulties finding a job in Japan? Have a look at our 7 newly released offers from various English Language Schools, career possibilities throughout Japan are available and some of them would assist you with visa, specific requirements are written in details below:


Full-Time Offers

Full-time Native English Teacher in Sendai, Miyagi

Want to work as a full-time English teacher in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture? If you are interested, whether or not you now reside in Sendai or not, you may try applying for this position! The English School Primary is a renowned English school for adults, and the largest in Miyagi Prefecture, with over 2,200 students and three branch schools. And now they are recruiting full-time English teachers with a decent ¥270,000 / month. Performance-based salary increase in subsequent years, incentives are available. Also visa sponsorship is provided. All or part of travel expenses for an interview and demonstration lesson will be paid. (All of the travel expenses will be paid for applicants who live in Miyagi. For applicants who live outside of Miyagi, part of the expenses will be subsidized according to the distance from the applicants’ home to the school.)

Miyagi-ken, Sendai-shi
270,000yen/Month with a possible performance-based salary increase in subsequent years; Incentives available. Commuting expense is provided.



English: Native

・Must currently reside in Japan
・Visa sponsorship available

Please apply via: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/681

Children English Teacher in Kanagawa Wanted!


Rhythmic English, a company within Yatsuhashi Kindergarten arranges English classes for 6-year-old children. They hold special events and activities throughout the year for teachers and students. Responsible, student-centered professionals are highly welcomed! This position provides you with unique opportunities such as participating in Japanese customs and events, making invaluable friendships with other faculty and students, participating in student and faculty concerts, all while teaching English!

¥270,000 (after training)


Japanese: None
English: Native

・Must currently reside in Japan
・bachelor’s degree or higher.
・Love working with children
・Applicants who can commit long term will be prioritized.
・Visa sponsorship available

Please apply via: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/679


Preschool Teacher / Childcare (Chuo-ku)

You have excellent communication skills and are eager to learn new things? Experienced in teaching English(preferably 0-6 age level)? Aoba-Japan Bilingual Preschool group are a very successful school with many sister schools including the famous Aoba Japan international school. Harumi Campus (Current JCQ Bilingual Preschool) is looking for Native English teachers to teach our students which age from 0-5-year-olds. They have a diversity of teachers from America, Canada, Australia, Britain, Japan, Jamaica that you could make new friends all over the world while earning some pocket money!

Location: Chuo-ku
Wage: ¥240,000~¥320,000/month
Japanese: None
English: Native

– Must currently reside in Japan.
– You must have a bachelor’s degree or higher in Early Child Education or Early Elementary Education.
– are patient, active, friendly and flexible

Please apply via: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/677


Working at Kindergarten in Machida-shi

Tsurukawa Kindergarten located at Tokyo, Machida-shi, Miwamachi, 122-12, is looking for supporter/manager for the English Immersion Class (15 kids in one class). Duties include:
• Preparing teaching material/class management/preparing and joining the special events/leading and guiding kids in outdoor nursing activities/supporting parents/ creating classroom environment/supporting recruitment and PR activities etc.

Multiple benefits are offered, ¥6,000 work subsidy, ¥14,000 family subsidy, ¥2,000 child subsidy, ¥6,000~¥10,000 class teacher subsidy etc. Transportation fee (up to 50,000yen/month) is covered, they do also help with visa acquirement.

Location:  12 minutes’ walk from Kakiyo Station, Odakyu Line.
Wage: 215,670yen~328,335yen/month


Japanese: Conversational
English: Business Level

• You must have a Kindergarten Teacher’s License.
• Have nursery experience.
• Have basic PC skills.


For more information please check:  https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/675


Teaching at Private Schools 270,000yen/month

If you’re looking for a full-time English teaching position at a private school, then you might want to check out Iware Co., Ltd. They mostly deal with school placement and educating returnee students, but they also introduce teaching opportunities in private schools ranging from elementary to high schools. They take teachers for any language, such as Chinese, Spanish, French, etc.

They have teaching opportunities in schools across Japan! What’s more, you can get a Visa sponsorship! This company doesn’t just focus on a good environment for its students, but also its employees as well. The monthly wage is ¥270,000/month, plus the transportation fee! Bachelors degree or higher is required. Apply for it now!


Japanese: Conversational

English: Native Level

Location: Bunkyu-ku

Wage: ¥270,000/month

For more information about this job and how to apply, visit: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/557


English Teaching in Fuchu and Kokubunji area

Teaching children or adult, which one would be your preference? Stars&Stripes English aimed at raising active ‘global citizen, provides students of all ages English classes. Positions in three locations/campuses are available in Fuchu and Kokubunji area, work hour would be 35 hours per week. The classes run from Mondays to Saturdays, with two full days off during the week.

Location: Fuchu and Kokubunji area
Wage: ¥220,000


Japanese: None
English: Native

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree (if a visa sponsorship is needed), and should have a musical or performing arts background.

For more information about this job and how to apply, visit: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/678


Nursery Teacher in Osaka Wanted!

“Forest International School OSAKA is an English nursery school which is located in Tennoji OSAKA. They are looking for an English teacher who can start working right now and is interested in child education and child nursing. The school have already prepared stable curriculums and lesson plans based on an effective method of child education, they offer an initial basic training about child education and consistent support throughout your career!

Wage: 248,000~291,000


Japanese: None
English: Native

〇Must have proper visa for working

For more information about this job and how to apply, visit: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/674


Part-Time Offers

Part-time Native English Instructors Wanted in Shizuoka, Saitama, Chiba

Linguage Unit, Zenken Corporation is currently seeking part-time native English instructors to be registered for future possible cases in Numadu (Shizuoka), Shin-Misato, Shiraoka (Saitama), Funabashi-Nichidai-Mae and Yachiyo-Midorigaoka (Chiba). There are one-day, weekly and intensive programs offered, depending on clients’ needs. The hourly pay will be as high as 3,500yen/hour. Those who have at least two years of teaching experiences will be preferred!

Shizuoka, Saitama, Chiba


English: Native

-Must currently reside in Japan;
-Must hold proper work visa;
-Must have at least 12 years of education in English;
-Must have at least two years of experience with corporate classes.
[After screening CVs, only successful applicants will be contacted.]

Please apply via: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/680

Freelancing Contract

A small yet established English language school on the Den-En-Toshi line is looking for energetic, responsible, native speakers of English to join a close team of teachers.

We have created a community feel to the school since opening 11 years ago and we have monthly events which teachers can attend for free, monthly futsal, and teachers only parties.

currently looking for:
SATURDAY 09.00 – 19.00 = 9 contact hours (¥1,600 x 9 = ¥14,400)
SUNDAY 09.00 – 19.00 = 9 contact hours (¥1,600 x 9 = ¥14,400)
SUNDAY 15.00 – 19.00 = 4 contact hours (¥1,600 x 4 = ¥6,400)
FRIDAY 10.00 – 17.00 = 6 contact hours (¥1,600 x 6 = ¥9,600)
FRIDAY 17.00 – 21.00 = 4 contact hours (¥1,600 x 4 = ¥6,400)
THURSDAY 10.00 – 17.00 = 6 contact hours (¥1,600 x 6 = ¥9,600)


Preference will be given to applicants who can do WEEKEND SHIFTS.

Location:  Kanagawa
Wage: ¥1,600/h


Japanese: None
English: Native


For more information about this job and how to apply, visit: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/556


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