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How to Find Part-time Jobs of Limited Language Proficiency

By Guidable Writers Apr 5, 2017

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As a foreigner living in Japan, it will be quite difficult for you to find a part-time job in the beginning. So, here is a guide for you. If you take the following steps, you will find a suitable job even if your Japanese is not good.

What to prepare before finding a job in Japan

First, make sure you’ve got the work permit stamp on the visa, which allows you to work in Japan. Otherwise, you have to go to the immigration bureau to get a permit. After getting a permit, you must pay attention to the limitations of the jobs which you’re not allowed to do according to your work permit. For example, for college students, the working hour is up to 28 hours a week in order not to affect their studies, which is technically their prime activity in Japan. Also, the scope of the job that you can choose is also limited. For foreign students, the most common job they are not permitted to do is working at night clubs.

Typical jobs for foreigners in Japan


1. Convenience stores


Convenience stores such as Seven-Eleven and Family Mart is usually a great option for foreigners to choose. The average hourly earnings are usually above 900 JPY. Also, high Japanese language proficiency is not a must. If you can handle the basic daily communication in Japanese, you can absolutely apply for the job.

2. Restaurant


This is also another option. There are a large number of foreigners working in restaurants like “izakaya” and McDonald’s. Generally speaking, Restaurants require a lot of people. They need staff to receive customers, prepare the food, and do the cleanings. Many vacant positions are waiting to be filled. Therefore, if you are not confident about your Japanese, you can apply for the job of cleaning. The average hourly earnings of the cleaning job are usually above 800 JPY. Also, if you have the basic skills for cooking, being a cook is a good choice. Of course, you can do the reception work if you have confidence in communicating in Japanese.

In addition, there are many exotic restaurants like Chinese restaurants, Spanish restaurants and so on. Certainly, if you are a Chinese, you can absolutely choose to work in a Chinese restaurant. Generally, there are some Chinese staffs working in the restaurant. So there is no trouble for you to talk with them.

How to find a part- time job


Now, since you already have the idea about which job to choose, let’s talk about some basic resources that will help you find a job in Japan.

First, ask your friends to recommend you for a position. If your friends have done some jobs, you can ask him/her for some detailed information. If the job is suitable for you, don’t hesitate to ask the contact information.

Second, pay attention to the recruiting poster which is posted outside the store, and the recruiting column of the newspaper which you receive every day.

Third, take full advantage of the Internet service. There are many websites or apps providing job information. The following three websites are often used to search for a job. You can try any of the following!




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