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How to quit your part time job with a legitimate reason?

By Guidable Writers Jul 11, 2017

If you are working in Japan, I think most of you have thought of quitting your job. When I was doing part time job, I have seen many foreigners had a lot of trouble between the shop managers when they are trying to quit. If you want to leave your work place ‘peacefully’, here are the information that you might want to know!




When you should inform your manager?

According to the law, if you want to quit your job, you need to inform your boss two weeks before quitting. That means that you still need to work for two weeks after you inform your manager to quit.


Even though it is said that you are allowed to leave the job 2 weeks after you inform your boss, usually you are not able to leave in two weeks. This is because usually your shop manager has already scheduled the shift work, and if you quit it will cause a lot of trouble to the whole operation of your workplace. Therefore, I strongly advice you to tell your manager 1 or 2 month before you leave!



To whom you should inform?

When you want to quit, you should talk to your shop manager directly. It will be really rude if you only tell your friends around you without telling your manager because manager should have a understanding about their workers. Therefore, if you want to quit, the first thing to do is to tell your manager!


How to explain to your manager?

I believe there are a lot of reason that makes you want to quit your baito. When you tell your manager that you want to quit the job, your manager may beg you to stay because it will be a huge issue if you leave your workplace. If you want to leave your workplace, you really need a legitimate reason to quit your work. Therefore, I am going to give you a few example of reasons that you should use to quit your work.



The strongest reason to quit a baito is to say that you are busy with your study.


If you are a university student, or a language school student, this is the easiest way for you to quit. You can say that your current grade is not really good, and if you continue like this you may need to leave the school. The details are up to you but it is the most simple excuse you can use to quit your baito.


Next, the reason you can use is to say that, if you are joining certain club activity or circle, you can say that you are busy with the activities and you need to participate in your club activity much more actively before.


Third, you can also say that you have some kind of ‘family issue’ that you need to solve, for example your parents are ill, or something so you need to go back to your country.


Reasons that you must NOT tell your manager!


Inter-personal relationship


You should not tell your manager that you want to quit because you do not like somebody in your work place. You should not say that your Senpai treats you really harshly so you want to quit.


About Salary


You should not say that you want to quit because your salary is low. If you say that, the boss might say that ‘okay, then I can think of it,’ and once he considers increasing your salary, it will make you harder to quit your job.


You should not tell lie!


If you say that you are moving to another town, but you did not do it, it will give your colleague a bad impression when they find it out. It will make your life harder when you tell a lie, it will make it very awkward when you are


Honnne and Tatemae


As you all might have noticed, Japanese people use a lot of Honne and Tatemae; Honne is your real feeling and Tatemae is the face you show to other. Despite that every culture has some aspect of Honne and Tatemae, Japanese really use a lot of Honne and Tatemae very often. This is really important when you enter and leave your workplace. In Japan you really want to keep a good relationship with your colleagues even if you decide to choose to leave your work place.


Here are the advices that you can use to quit your baito! So if you want to quit your baito, it will be great if you can take my advice when you want to inform your manager!


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