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How to write a CV and How to get a Inkan? Things that are necessary for job interview

By Guidable Writers Jul 5, 2017

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When you want to apply to a job, you often need two things: Rirekisho (Personal CV) and Inkan (stamp). If you want to live in Japan and fit into the society, these two things are necessary. Today, I will explain how to write a CV in Japanese, and how to make a personal Inkan for Job interview.


1.    RirekiSho (Personal CV)


When you go to a Job Interview, the first thing that they will ask you is the personal CV, Rirekisho in Japanese. You can easily find CV template online, and here I will write about what each column means and how you should write it.


記入日: Date of application.

氏名:Applicant’s name. You should put your name in Katakana, and if your name has Chinese Character, do not forget to put Furigana (How to pronounce) on top of the Chinese Character.


印:this is where you stamp your inkan. If you do not have one, you can put your signature here.


写真:personal photo


生年月日:date of birth


現住所:your current address. If you reside in Japan, you should put the postal code for Japanese address. If you do not know your postal code, you can easily check it out on the internet by typing the name of the city you live. The number following the 〒 symbol is the postal code of your address.


電話:your phone number


連絡先:If you have a contact person in Japan. You can put the contat information of your closest friend, host family or dorm parents. You can leave it blank if you want to.


学歴:This is where you put the school history. You should write as detailed as possible. You are expected to write your list in chronological order (from oldest to newest) You need to put the year of entrance and year of graduation. For example, ガイダブル高校卒業 (graduated Guidable high school) ガイダブル大学入学(entered guidable university).


職歴:this is where you put your job history.


免許&資格:where you put your license and certificate. It really depends on what kind of job you are applying to, but you are advised to put your driving license and Japanese language proficiency test certificate. It is important to show something to prove your level of Japanese proficiency so that your employer can have a general idea about how well you can speak Japanese.


志望動機:This is where you write your motivation and skill. It is important to present your reasons for applying to the workplace. Again, this really depends on what kind of job you are applying to, but if you are applying to part time jobs in restaurants or any work that does not require high level of skills, you just need to write one or two sentences. If you are still not very fluent in Japanese here are few templates that you can use.



This sentence means you are living alone now and you want to do part-time jobs because your parents are now paying for all your school fee and living cost, so you want to help them by working.


扶養家族:Number of dependents


配偶者:married or not



2.    Inkan


While in the west is common to sign on the contract, Japanese people tend to use Inkan (stamp or seal in English) when they need to sign a paper. When you go to a job interview, the company often requires you to have a Inkan when you sign the contract. They may not expect a foreigner to have a Inkan, but it certainly gives them a good impression if you have one.


There are mainly two types of Inkans: Unregistered Inkans and officially registered Inkans (Jitsuin in Japanese). Unregistered Inkans can be used for small contracts that do not require you to prove your identity. Most of these cases, you can use signature rather than Inkan. However, when you need to sign serious contracts such as mortgages or opening a bank account, you need to create your own registered Inkan. So if you go to a job interview, and the company asks you to create a new bank account you will need a registered Inkan.


How to create your own registered Inkan?


1st Step: Buy a Inkan


It is easy to buy an Inkan as there are many Hanko (stamps) shop in Japan. You just need to visit one and choose the design, size and style you like. You can find Generic Inkans at the dollar stores, but you are not allowed to register them. Some foreigners put some Kanji for their Inkan. It is really cool but you need to be careful that the Inkan should match your legal name. Therefore, you should make sure that your name on your Inkan is approved before you make one!


2nd Step: Register your Inkan

Once you get your Inkan, you can got to the local government ward office to register your Inkan. They will take the impression of the Inkan, and give you a paper certificate. You need to pay a small amount of money to register. Once you finish your registration, you can use it for important transactions such as opening a bank account!


I hope after reading the article, you have understood how to write a CV and how to make a Inkan by yourself. If you have anything that is unclear, please feel free to leave a comment.


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