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Ibaraki Jobs: Reasons to Work in the Manufacturing Industry in Japan

By Alex Gray Jan 24, 2023

If you want to work in manufacturing, then Japan is a great place to start! Compared to other countries, there are many advantages to working in a factory in Japan, such as a higher wage and excellent working conditions. Ibaraki is a beautiful area of Japan with an abundance of manufacturing factories. Your Ibaraki jobs search ends here – read on for why you should work in a factory in Ibaraki, Japan. 

Why Choose Manufacturing When Looking for Ibaraki Jobs

There are so many reasons why working in manufacturing in Ibaraki is a great option for everyone looking for jobs in Japan. Many of the factories provide, friendly working environments where you can get to know your fellow workers and enjoy and balanced worklife.

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High in Demand and Stable

Japanese brands are famous worldwide. Sony, Hitachi, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, and Yamaha are all Japanese companies that manufacture products sold worldwide. I’m sure you’ve heard of some or all of them before. Japan is a powerhouse of manufacturing and continues to produce high-quality goods that remain very much in demand. 

Japan is known for its diligent workers and acute attention to detail, making the products so high-quality. This discipline is part of the Japanese culture, ingrained into the society and is the secret to Japan’s high-quality goods. All goods are expected to be made with care and precision; each work a masterpiece. Workers are always in demand to keep up these high standards. 

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No Experience Needed 

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The first question you may ask is – can I apply if I don’t have any experience? Well, one of the advantages of looking for work in the manufacturing industry in Japan is that even first-timers can apply to most positions!

If you’ve never worked in the manufacturing industry, you will still be able to apply. Most factories provide training when you join, and you can start with easy tasks first! This might mean you will have to be able to understand simple Japanese – often, you are asked if you can introduce yourself in Japan and say a few basic sentences to ensure the training goes smoothly.

In some factories, you can gain experience in certain areas (such as forklift operating) through training and certifications, which is great for your CV. 

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Competitive Salary 

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Japan offers competitive salaries and benefits for factory workers – which will prove especially advantageous compared to factory jobs in other countries, such as the Middle East and other Asian areas. 

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Accomodation Benefits 

Many factory jobs offer dormitories provided with furniture and with, water, and electricity as part of their employment package. In most cases, they are offered either completely free or highly discounted. It’s a great way to save money and saves the hassle of having to look for a place to live!

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Food Benefits 

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Japanese companies also often provide their factory workers with low-priced food either at a company cafeteria or with food discounts. This can be a great introduction to Japanese cuisine, and you can learn a lot about Japanese food! Working at a food packaging factory also has extra benefits as you may be given discounted foodstuff too!

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Our Manufacturing Ibaraki Jobs Recommendations

Here are some of our recommended manufacturing jobs in Ibaraki. If you’re interested apply now before the jobs close!

Manufacturing Ibaraki Jobs Are Waiting For You 

Ibaraki is a wonderful place to start your manufacturing job in Japan. In manufacturing, you can learn many transferable skills essential in the Japanese workplace, such as diligence, attention to detail, punctuality and discipline. You don’t need experience to apply, so it’s a great opportunity for first-time workers, and in most cases, you only need a conversational level of Japanese! 

If you’re interested in joining a manufacturing job in Japan, we’d love for you to apply for our jobs on Guidable Jobs. It’s a simple, quick process! Before you apply, check the requirements – you will often need a valid visa as sponsoring for factory jobs is not commonplace. If applicable, someone will contact you after your application for a pre-interview – good luck! 

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