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Part time jobs of University Students in Japan

By Guidable Writers May 9, 2017


Do you know the rate of university students having part-time jobs? Benese, a leading company in the education industry researches the situation regarding the part time job of university students. According to the research, 63.7% of students have experiences of part-time job. In addition, part of them work two or three times in a week as a part timer. The average houses which they work as a part timer is 16.8 houses in a weak. Especially, 4th grade students in university student work for 16.8 houses in a week. Furthermore, surprisingly this research shows that many of them does not spend enough time to study. Approximately 50% of student have time to study regarding the major in the university in an hours in a week. They spend time to relate with their friends, their hobby and to watch TV and DVD. Also, they have less time for volunteer. From this research, university students in Japan do not eager to study as well as, they are interested in other things expect for their study.


In addition, an report which research the market of job situation shows the reason why university students work as a part timer. According to this research, 57% of students are important to have experiences to work. In addition, they want to know the system of social and expect to improve the job skill. However, Japanese university students have few opportunities to work as an intern. Even though leading companies in the industry introduce the internship system, many of small and medium-sized enterprises do not adopt this system. In addition, companies demand the temporary staffs such as part times. Especially this trend in catering industry is remarkable.


From the aspect of the world. They are difficult to work as a part-timer, because they study hard. In the summer and winter vacation, they join in the company with using the internship system. In England, university students are difficult to work due to same reason of the situation in U.S.


From above researches, university students in Japan attach important to work as a part timer rather than to study, because they are important to have experience and improve to job skill before working as a permanent staff in the social, however, university students should study harder. The particular system might need regarding part working of university students in Japan.




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