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Take a Look at Some of the Most Famous Jobs for Foreigners in Japan

Take a Look at Some of the Most Famous Jobs for Foreigners in Japan

By Guidable Writers May 1, 2017

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If you have an issued work permit in Japan then you definitely want to find a job here. I’ve worked in Tokyo for a long time and it seems there is more job available for people from another country compare to say…five years ago. Back then I don’t see many foreign workers but now, when I go to Izakaya or convenience stores, I see many foreign workers making their way through. In Japan, a minimum hourly wage varies differently depending on prefectures. The highest amount though is in Tokyo, which is 932 Yen. Probably the lowest is in Okinawa and Miyazaki, which is approximately 714 Yen. With this information, you might want to consider where you want to live depending on each area’s salary wage as well.

Here are some popular part-time workplace in Japan


1. Restaurants, Bars, and Izakayas


Some bars and restaurants do not require high-level Japanese because they want someone who can be able to speak English and who will be able to deal with people from different countries too. The good thing about working in these places is that you can often have free meals called 賄いMAKANAI during break time or after work.


Salary average in Tokyo: 950 yen – 1200 yen






2. Convenience Stores


Most convenience stores usually require high or advanced level of Japanese skills in order to communicate with customers and staffs. Salary usually goes high if you take night shift or early morning shift.


Salary average in Tokyo:932 Yen – 1100 Yen






3. Language Teaching/ ESL Teachers


As many of you know, Japanese people are willing to learn English for professional purpose or for fun. It’s better if you have a teaching certificate such as TESOL, CELTA, etc. but it is not however necessary. If you have some working experience as an office worker, back in your country or in Japan, you can use it as your strength. Some schools will also consider supporting your working visa in the future. So if you are willing to stay in Japan for a longer term, it’s worth a try to start teaching English as a second language to the local japanese people.


Salary average:1200 Yen – 1500 Yen (for 40mins – 60 mins class)




Hope this article will help you in your search for what kind of part-time job you want to do in Japan! Enjoy!




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