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Popular short-time Jobs in Japan Only Available During Summer!

Popular short-time Jobs in Japan Only Available During Summer!

By Guidable Writers Apr 30, 2017

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Got a summer vacation with nothing to do? Need some extra cash to go on a trip? Whatever the reason, there are some exciting opportunities for part-time job seekers during the summer season (typically within June-September). Some of the jobs do not require Japanese speaking skills, but you can get to experience the Japanese “baito” (part time job) culture while cashing in some good money!



Swimming Pool Crew (Guard / Receptionist)


This is arguably one of the most popular part- time work in the summer. This is a job that pays well and lets you enjoy summer to the fullest. A lot of swimming pool jobs do not require prior experience, and can be a fun way to spend your summer if you are prepared to spare a few hours a day. If you are the athletic type, you can join the guard crew to keep swimmers safe. This job may also require minimal Japanese. If you are hesitant about spending many hours in the sun, you can also be a receptionist, though the pay tends to be less.



Live-in workers at resorts


If you are a student and have a long holiday, you can choose to work at a live-in resort worker. You can enjoy a hot summer at a resort hotel while making money! And since you will be working for many hours everyday, you can actually earn some serious cash. You can also make new friends with your coworkers, as you will be spending a lot of time together. Japanese skills may be needed, though the degree may depend on the job type and will less likely be difficult.





Event Staff


Summer means more opportunities for various events such as festivals, concerts, and fireworks. These jobs are usually one-time contracts and will allow you to work for the whole day, meaning you can earn a lot in a short period of time. The jobs may require physical labor, such as moving equipments and such. However, if you speak multiple languages besides Japanese (levels may vary), you may be given interpreting roles to help foreign visitors.



Assistant for Summer Sales / Pop-up Stores


Japanese department stores have large scale competitive sales during the summer, which means they need people to help with the large flocks of customers. These jobs may require you to help with the cashier, or with stocking the shelves. Usually, not much skills are needed for short-term posts. You may be lucky enough to get a job at trending sweets shops, which may open Pop-up (temporary) stores during the summer due to increased demand. You can enjoy the best seasonal foods while working!




Summer Camp Leaders


If you like working with kids, you can get a job as a summer camp leaders to play and go on trips with small children. They may even have special posts for English speakers, as parents often want to expose their children to English from a young age, this is a good opportunity for people who want to have fun and make money at the same time.


Seasonal part time jobs are exciting but can be competitive.It is not too early to start looking for these summer opportunities!



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