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Guideline: Prepare For a Part-Time Job Interview in Japan

By Tony Tao Oct 7, 2020

Part-Time Job in Japan – The Interview

In Japan, working part-time has a common name as “Arubaito” (バイト), including factory works, language teaching, service in Konbini (コンビニ –  convenience stores such as: Family mart, Lawson, 7-11), or restaurants/bars, and so on. 

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Through part-time experiences, foreigners can catch up with Japanese vocabularies and conversational skills, which are extremely necessary to apply for a full-time job if you prefer to start a new career in Japan! 

Baito interview is not that different compare to others countries, but there are still some key notes that you need to pay attention if this is your first time interview for a part-time job in Japan.  

In this article, we’re going to summarize what you should prepare for a baito interview.

Want to apply for a job? Click the link below to download a handy Japanese resume template. You can choose between Microsoft Word and a PDF version.

Rirekisho template, Japanese resume download

Prepare For a Part-Time Job Interview in Japan

Your CV (履歴書) – Rirekisho

The employers will ask you to bring a copy of your CV with a Japanese standard ID photo attached. 

Check out how to write a rirekisho – Japanese Resume HERE! Templates included!

Sometimes, you might need an Inkan – Japanese personal stamp!

Residence Card (在留カード) – Zairyu Kado and/or Passport

If you are a foreign student, you are only allowed to work maximum 28 hours a week if you have the 資格外活動許可申請 – Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted Under The Status of Residence Previously Granted, which is marked on the back of your residence card. 

If you have a working holiday visa, you will most likely have enough to display your residence card. Still, the Guidable team recommends that you take your passport with the 指定書 – Certificate of Designation attached inside. Not every work interviewer will ask for extra documentation, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Basic Stationery: Notebook and Pen 

The interviewer will definitely help you out with a pen or pencil if you need to fill out anything, but it creates a good impression if you prepare your own stationery in advance.

Properly Dressed Up!

For a part-time job, feel free and wear your casual clothes – may be the ones leaning a little on the casual business side. But please DO NOT misunderstand the definition of casual. Keep in mind, dressing casually does not mean wearing shorts, pajama, or slippers. 

Questions During The Interview For a Part-Time Job in Japan

For foreign students, the baito interviewer will not ask too many questions in general. Most importantly, you must clearly state your daily schedule to determine your work shift.

自己紹介 – Jikoushoukai – Introduce Yourself

「簡単に自己紹介をして下さい。」 Introduce yourself shortly. 

Working Schedule 

1.「あなたは、週に何日間、働くことができますか?」 How many times can you work per week?

– Should say:週に3日くらい働けます。I can work three days per week.

– Should NOT say:今すぐには分からないです。I can’t say right now.

2.「あなたは、いつから働くことができますか?」 “When can you start the work?”

– Should say:来週から働くことができます。I can start from next week.

– Should NOT say:今すぐには分からないです。I can’t say right now.

NOTE: Maybe the interviewer is trying to schedule your first shift. So please let them know the specific date when you can start this job.

Reason for Applying

「あなたが、このアルバイトを選んだ理由は何ですか?」 “Why did you decide to apply for this particular job??”

– Should say:このお店の名前を知っていたからです。普段からこのお店を利用しているからです。I think the brand of the shop is well-known, and I often shop here as well.

– Should NOT say: 家から近かったからです。仕事が楽そうだったからです。Because it near my home. And the work seems interesting


「どのぐらい かかりますか?」How far do you live from the workplace?

「ここ まで どやってきますか?」What is your transportation of choice?


「このしごとをながくつつ “けられますか?」 Can you work for a long time?

「他のパートタイムの仕事を同時に行うことを計画していますか?」Are you looking to do any other part-time jobs at the same time? 

NOTE: Some places do not want to recruit you if you are already hired elsewhere.

Other Questions

「あなたは普段どのくらい動いて(運動して)いますか?」 How active are you physically? In case of jobs that require moving around a lot, lifting things, etc. such as Yamato, Delivery, ..)

NOTE: The interviewer may ask you some questions that are irrelevant to work. Still, they might only do it to see how well you speak in Japanese and whether you’re able to express yourself at a level appropriate enough for the baito position. 

The Interview Ending Question

「最後になにか質問はありますか?」Do you have any questions after all?

Should say:同じ職場に外国人の人は働いていますか?合格か不合格の連絡はいつきますか?Are there any foreigners at the workplace? When will you announce the interview result?

Should NOT say: とくにありません。I don’t have any questions. 

NOTE: If you can’t hear the question clearly, ask again, don’t answer indiscriminately. Even if your Japanese is not good, trying to show proper attitude and working desire, they would still accept people who took the hard work of apprenticeship.

Interview for a Part-Time Job in Japan 

When you first go to the interview for a part-time job in Japan, you will be nervous and won’t be able to answer fluently, or your Japanese is not good enough. So, pay attention to manners instead, answer loudly, speak clearly, creating a plus point that you are enthusiastic, active, and agile.

The Guidable team does hope that you found this article as a helpful piece of information! After all, all of our activities are aiming for a better life for foreigners in Japan! So, stay tuned and follow us!

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