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Short term jobs (tanki baito) that you can do in Japan!

By Guidable Writers Jun 9, 2017

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If you are working in Japan, you may think of doing part time jobs in Japan. However, if you are coming to Japan for exchange, and you will only be in japan for a short period of time, you might don’t want to spend too much time of work instead of enjoying the time in Japan. Also, maybe if you are from foreign countries, your annual working hours may be restricted because of visa. For those who do not want to find a fixed work, I am going to introduce you few short time jobs that you can do in Japan.


What is short-time baito?


Tanki-Baito (short-time baito in Japanese) means when you are working for a company for a designated period of time. That means that you are employed for short period of time; for example two weeks, or even 1 day.


Haken- baito (casual worker) is one of the good examples that you can do in Japan!

In Japan there are many haken gaisha (staffing agency) that are looking for haken baito (dispatched worker or casual worker). Through the staffing agency, you will be able to apply to job that you just need to spend one day. For example, if you apply through a staffing agency that are in charge of event such as concert or musical, you will have a lot of chance to find job that are related to events such as staff member of a concert who are response of setting the stage, and doing all the preparation for the concert. As you are only working for one day, you can quit if you do not like the job, and you do not even need to show up if you do not feel like to work that day. Therefore, if you are working through the staffing agency, a degree of flexibility is given to you as you can work anytime you want.


After applying to work through Internet, you will need to go to the office of the staffing agency and attend a talk that introduces you to the detail of the work and the working environment. In the talk, the officer will explain you about many things about the company such as their rule, dress code, type of work, salary and transportation fee etc. When you arrive at work, the leader will begin to take attendance, and they will pay you the salary during after one day’s work.


Resort baito is another good opportunity for you to work

During big holidays such as summer and winter vacations, there are many hostels and hotels that offer chances for people to work as staff of campsite. The workers are required to stay in the campsite during the whole holiday, and they have to serve the visitors. Usually a resort baito takes 1to2 months long. Usually the workers have a lot of fun when they work in as resort baito, as they are able to make new friends through it and some are even able to make boyfriend or girlfriend.


One advantage of doing resort baito is that you are able to eat for free, as they will provide you the meal. Many hotels and hostels are going to provide lunch boxes to you although I cannot guarantee the quality of the food (it really depends on your workplace). However, if you are lucky, you might get makanai from other staff! Makanai is the meal that served to workers for free. So if you are lucky enough, your colleague may serve you delicious meal!


So to conclude, working in a resort baito, you will be able to make new friends, and are able to eat for free! Therefore, there are many people who participate in this kind of baito when they want to save money. Some local Japanese students want to save money for them to go study abroad, therefore if you can join resort baito, it would be a good opportunity for you to interact with local students.


Distributing tissue paper in Japan

When you are walking on street in big cities such as Shinjuku and Shibuya, I believe you have seen people who have seen staff distributing packs of tissue paper. This is actually a very popular baito among Japanese, and foreigners are also welcomed to do it! The only thing you need to do is to distribute tissue papers to people.


Distributing tissue is a very unique Japanese culture. It is one strategy that is commonly used by the Japanese companies to promote their product. They need a large number of human resources to distribute the tissue paper.


This job does not require any professional skills. All you need is to have the stamina to distributing hundreds of thousands of tissue packs to the people. As said before, the job does not require any skill; you do not even need to be able to speak Japanese. All you have to do is to say ‘Onegaishimasu’ (‘Please’ in Japanese) to the people.


The advantage of the work is you can get relatively high salaries for this work. Although it really depends on the company you are working for, the average salary for distributing tissue papers are around 1000-1200yen per hour. That is same as the salary you can get as a waiter of Japanese Izakaya.

Considering the workload and flexible working hour, it can be seen as one of the easiest baito to do in Japan! However, if you ask me one disadvantage of this, you have to endure long and repetitive work for long working hours. If you are not afraid of getting board, distributing tissue is a good choice for you!


If you need further information, check our other pages out for more information! Or you can find more information about short time baito in Japan! Maybe you will be able to find your favorable work to do in your life! This page shows the short-time jobs that you can do in summer!

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