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The five job you should apply this summer in Japan!

By Guidable Writers Jul 6, 2017

We all understand that finding a new job that fits you in general is challenging and it would be even more difficult to do so in foreign country like Japan. To help the reader of Guidable Japan success in job hunting, Guidable has newly released its recruitment website “Guidable Jobs” which gathered job offers targeting non-Japanese speakers. The website has been updated since last month with currently recruiting job opportunities.

Kindly remind you that you will need to sign up for our website before submitting your application.

Now, we would like to give you some highlights from the pool. We will introduce five different types of job.

  • In-Home Cooking Teacher

If you speak any language other than Japanese or love cooking various cuisine, here is a perfect job opportunity for you. Niki’s Kitchen is now hiring more cultural cooking teacher who can teach their cultural cookings skills around the world. You are qualify to apply as long as you speak either business level in Japanese or English and can accommodate 6 people at your home. Finally, Niki’s kitchen offers highly competitive salary with ¥15000~25000/class.

Cooking teacher  自宅で料理を教えられる方 _ Guidable Jobs

  • Online Language Teacher

Want to go out for work but must stay home due to family issues??
We’ve also got some opportunities that is designed for those who like young kids, have moderate English and Japanese level. You can work from anywhere that has internet access and schedule your lesson time according to your daily schedule. Check out our website for more details on each listing.


  • Kids/preschool teacher

And of course, we have positions who love working with kids. We provide offers for both native and non-Native English speakers. For example, World Wide Wings Co., Ltd., provides English Education service for 2.5-8.0 year-old Kids, named Wings Kids Family which provides early English education in Japan and about seven teachers takes care of about 40 kids everyday. Also, EQ smile kids and family have just opened a NEW ENGLISH SCHOOL, and is looking for English teachers for children.

Native English Teacher for kids _ Guidable Jobs

Kids English Teachers _ Guidable Jobs

  • Adults English teacher

We also offers job opportunity for people aren’t very comfortable to work with little kids. Most English school for adults are looking for instructors who have skill to teach “English Conversation”. Conversational Japanese skills is preferred for this position as most students are beginner English learners. Check out below for more details .

Part-time English teacher for adult students _ Guidable Jobs

Part time English teacher for adults _ Guidable Jobs

  • One-to-One

Lastly, English Village, the No.2 rated English Language school is now looking for native English speakers in Tokyo and Yokohama with great teaching as well as coaching skills for our one-to-one English learning classes as FULL time or PART time teachers. You do not have to be native English speaker English Village is also providing Visa Sponsorship for whoever needed. You are expected to receive ¥2200~2500/h for this position.

One-to-one English teacher for adults _ Guidable Jobs

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you find this useful and wish you the best luck in job hunting. If you have any question regarding our website or job listing, please don’t hesitate to commend below.